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What is best most efficient energy source for a heating system?

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Hi. My name is John Marcelo owner of Air Rite Hvac, right here on beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts. We have created a series of videos on heating ventilation and air conditioning to help you better understand and answer any question you might have about upgrade, installation, service and maintenance. Let's talk about equipment now. If you have electric baseboard heat you basically do not have equipment at all, you just using electricity to heat your baseboard it is easy and cheap to install, but you are spending a lot of electricity every month. If you have a forced hot water baseboard heating system, it may look like a electrical baseboard but the difference is it uses hot water instead of a electrical resistance. In this case you have a boiler in your basement that uses oil or natural gas to heat up that water and do the heating. This is a much more efficient way of heating, but not the best. Now, If you have warm air coming from floor grills, wall grills or ceiling grills that means you have duct work and you have a central forced warm air system. You also have a furnace that burns oil or gas and circulates that warm air throughout your house to do the heating. With the right upgrades this system can control not only temperature but also humidity and the air quality inside your home making this kind of system the best heating system Thanks for watching. I hope you liked this video If you need a free estimate on upgrade, installation, service or repair of heating and Air conditioning systems please visit us at AirRiteCapeCod.com or call us at 774 521 9371 Thank you
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Text Comments (41)
ImA Real (7 days ago)
INSULATION! It's all worthless without it.
?? (21 days ago)
I believe it's installation.......not instalation.
EZE GQFOURU (2 months ago)
Heat pumps since 2020
Aaron Vallejo (3 months ago)
I thought "conduction" heating was the most efficient form of heating. I have installed electric radiant heating and it works great. Warm on the toes. It is also silent and slowly releases warmth over hours and hours inside my highly insulated home.
Chris M (3 months ago)
Am I crazy or is that Robert Denero?!?!
Martcapt (4 months ago)
Oh god the editing.... I thought this was one of those joke videos. Its too corny. I can't listen to anything you're saying. It's just too much... had me laughing all over the place and I just can't listen to anything your saying. Please, please don't fade in into one of my nightmares
Warner Robins (4 months ago)
I must disagree with you. forced hot air is not efficient. Now if you want a heat and air all in one system it probably is but your going to have high bills. I believe If you go look hot water heat is your best heat. Yes it takes longer to heat up your house but once it's at temperature it's going to stay there. Your forced hot air will not turn on every 30 minutes.
outbackeddie (4 months ago)
What about radiant floor heat? I think that's probably the most efficient, most comfortable, most flexible, and overall best system.
Google User (5 months ago)
An un vented blue flame gas heater is 100% efficient and is very cheap to buy as well as fuel. .......
VECHIU CANAL KI (1 year ago)
*We have an older home, with a non-insulated two car garage.>>>**t.co/SaMcoNyqQX** This little heater does an excellent job of getting the place warmed up even on the worst Wisconsin winter days.*
VECHIU CANAL KI (1 year ago)
good luck
jeffinillinois (1 year ago)
sleepy zzz (1 year ago)
Are you high? Lol Jk
?? (21 days ago)
I was thinking the same thing about this guy, then I saw your comment. Funny.
Jarek N (1 year ago)
John, do you mind explaining why forced air is better? Building new house and will have to go decide on system soon.
Ric C (6 months ago)
Force air is nosy, needs semi annual cleaning and needs a BIG machine to do the job. Not to mention you have to BUILD a duct system "$$$" for the contractor. It's the OLD way and less efficient. I like the regular baseboard with a ductless air condition system that can generate heat during the winter months as a secondary system. Or better yet, install radiant floor system in the kitchen and bathroom, underneath the tile. Modern radiant system is cheap but it's a one time installation labor that will be a hefty few thousands, depends on your size of your kitchen and bathroom.
Jeffrey Obadal (1 year ago)
Also the "advantages" he talks about don't have to be tied to heating/cooling. As anyone with a newer house knows you can condition the air with filters and humidification control system plus use a heat exchanger for fresh air intake
Jeffrey Obadal (1 year ago)
Jarek N Forced air central heating/AC is not best in terms of efficiency. Moving heat around through liquid is much more efficient. This video is highly misleading. Now the cheapest way is dependent on the house and economics of that area. But generally long term using heat pumps and exchangers/radiators is going to be cheapest if you want central heating and cooling. But the initial cost can be quite expensive depending on how common it is in your area. If climate conditions allow then using a mini split system can reduce that cost alot. Also you can still use gas or other water heater if it's economical in your area.
two berries (1 year ago)
forced air is terrible. its -23 here. took it out.
Whitecellrecords (1 year ago)
I have electric baseboard all throughout my house. Simple, maintenance free, heat every room independently, I don't need all those extra parts, no break downs, no hassle, a little more expensive, but I think it's worth it to avoid the aggravation of a heating system having problems, I'm impatient, I will work a few extra hours a week to have electric heat.
Checkers Lane (7 months ago)
how much is your electric bill every month? i am thinking of getting it
Stephen Hart (1 year ago)
He's spelled installation wrong
Christ Julius (1 year ago)
I think mine looks better ;) I used inplix instructions and I built it with no problem.
appleseedfanatic (1 year ago)
I run a high effencnant propane baseboard heater and spend $38/month on heat and it's 30 degrees out side
Martina Atanasova (1 year ago)
I need advice for my home heating system, if You can help me it will be great. I have heat pump air to water with not enough capacity, so I have additional oil burner when the weather is colder. My question is how is better to connect the pipes from heat pump and oil burner in parallel or in serial ( first heat pump and after oil burner)?
SRT Hellcat (1 month ago)
Dont be f. Cheap pay professionals to tell you what is better for your home system
Andrey Cham (2 years ago)
the best would be the latest mini splits + ventilation with a heat exchanger
Vehbi Fushë-Kosovë (2 years ago)
Dose any one knows how many litter spend the furnace per hour
arrow007 (2 years ago)
shame they don't have this system in the uk.
George Obada (2 years ago)
Radiant floor heating with solar hot water heating, electric boiler, pellet boiler or a combination of these energy sources makes for an efficient system. Heat rises, eliminating draft and reducing the temperature needed to feel comfortable. Water and the slab (if available) stores the energy, reducing the system run time. Many shy away from radiant floor heating or radiant systems in general due to the apparent high installation cost and lack of expertise.
David DeLasho (2 years ago)
I am with you George. Radiant heat is much better. If it is fueled with an electric boiler and you have solar electric panels that adds to its efficiency. My childhood house had radiant baseboards, they weren't ugly but they weren't aesthetically pleasing either and I would take them (if in floor wasn't an option) over forced hot air any day. FHA is loud and when it kicks on it blows the cold air around the room first. It is awful on your skin. I can see hot areas of the country using FHA to "re-purpose" the central air ducts but to claim it is the best or most efficient in the Northeast is something I completely do not understand.
Jung Bechtold (2 years ago)
Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think
Creek (2 years ago)
I agree, central warm air system with duct work is the best! I have my system for 20 years and I was able to add central air using the same ducts which saved me money. It warms and cools the whole house quick and efficiently. I added a humidifier and a filter, so I have pure and fresh air at all times.
ji s (8 months ago)
Creek I already have central warm heating system. But for ac I have wall ac, I am planning on turning into central ac. How much did it cost you and what equipment did you have to buy? Thanks
Creek (2 years ago)
I have a gas furnace. I live in NY so it gets really cold.
lef3rro (2 years ago)
question, so do you have a gas furnace or just a heat pump? I live near DC where temperatures get below 40 degrees and I need to replace the boiler in my house (it leaks carbon monoxide) but 'm not sure if a heat pump will be good enough.
MarkusAvrelius (3 years ago)
sorry, but I'm moved to the USA and now have forced heat. It is the worst heating I have ever experienced. Dry skin, loud, constant draft and temperature imbalance.
Rain Gain Brain (6 months ago)
Heating in many us home is bad and gross, always problems with health and cost.
JAMES FLOWERS (7 months ago)
I moved from a lifelong of forced air until about a year ago....now I am so glad to have a boiler and radiators in my new home, I would have never even imagined the difference there is without experiencing it. When I first woke up after the first day, I felt like I was being warmed by the sun .
Adrian soriano (1 year ago)
David DeLasho (2 years ago)
Yup, welcome to the US.

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