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Power supply with adjustable voltage and current

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Text Comments (175)
Aeron John Pablo (17 days ago)
why are you showing a wrong diagram?? your intentions are clear. you don't want any beginner to learn...
Oğuz Can Soyselçuk (23 days ago)
This circuit is garbage. Bridge diode and C1 are connected wrong. This gives me enough negative confidence to not analyze the rest of the circuit, therefore garbage.
Djordje Pavlovic (1 month ago)
coould this be modified to achieve 10 amps car battery charger?
Özer Burucu (2 months ago)
Hi. I am following and learning from youIt.But this circuit is not working. I made it, but the resistance of 470R was given out smoke! After calculations I noticed that if it's power is 0.25 watt, only 23 mA can pass through. Which means 9V maximum output can be taken. So it must be at least 2 Watts. Also the rectifier nodes must be changed as others mentioned.
Archangel Dumo (3 months ago)
what do i need to change if i want to have an output voltage of 110Vdc and 1amps. what components do i need to change.. thankyou for the response :) Godbless
mincet mendes (3 months ago)
anyone pliss help me, i modified this circuit, use adapter dc 18v 2A, no bridge rectifier, 220uF 35v, 1n5402, pot 10k for voltage, pot 5k for current. component burn, and jumper also burn. when i put load at ouput. component burn
Dinky Ray (2 months ago)
We will need to see your circuit diagram..
Tony Rios (4 months ago)
Error diagram.
home made idea (4 months ago)
esam461 (5 months ago)
Very cool
BRI RAJ BANS SINGH (5 months ago)
Nice vedio thanx for the same. Sir I want to design a power supply of 12 volt 20 amp current adjusted. Kindly guide me how can I achieve. I shall be highly grateful. Regards
Santosh Bhagwat (7 months ago)
dear friend could you please give me ckt. diagram for 0-12DC VOLTAGE & CURRENT REGULATED POWERSUPPLY USING TRANSFORME OR SMPS ?
Peshoy AL prns (7 months ago)
I have a transformers 24v and 10a can I use it
Lela Mario (8 months ago)
I have a question!! Does the supply outputs a straight DC or a pwm signal? Can i charge batteries with it
Rithik Krishna (8 months ago)
Can i use SMPS instred of transformer.if i used SMPS ,is it necessary to use the sender diode.
Rithik Krishna (8 months ago)
I made this circuit,i used for two days.on third day while i was charging the lithium battery Tip 42 c burns and there is no resistance among those three pins.May i know why this happens?
Bibin augustin (9 months ago)
I made this circuit but not working I added bd139 And tip42 I replaced vd2 with 1n4007 Plz help me
abdul jalil (9 months ago)
fantastic bro I love your video and great bcz you give a print and also circuit diagram
stefan b. (9 months ago)
I did the assembly, but I can not adjustable current ?!
stefan b. (8 months ago)
Lela Mario (8 months ago)
stefan b. Can you adjust the voltage?
Fernando Esposito (11 months ago)
Lo schema ce un errore ci sono gli ingressi di tensione dopo il ponte di diodi invertito il positivo e collegato con la massa e viceversa
Amir Abdurraman (11 months ago)
The circuit is very good, but it would be better with a current limit indicator ... Maybe a led indicator
Chayton Sharp (11 months ago)
this is the only diy youtube channel i will ever watch ever again
Chayton Sharp (11 months ago)
thx kaysan tv cuz i am a beginner
neetha amin (1 year ago)
What to do if I want adjust 50v AND nearly 3.0-3.5 amps
Delroy Beckford (1 year ago)
Ohhhh. Where do I start? Ok. Your polarities are incorrect. Switch the connection to the bridge rectifier as well as the orientation of the capacitor C1 and the circuit will work. Your polarity indication at the output is labelled correctly but according to the take off from the bridge that would be a common positive. Also VT2 needs positive input at the emitter.
neetha amin (1 year ago)
What to do for a high voltage regulator Like the input will be nearly 30v 3 amps and the output will be 0-30 with 3amps
Ton Bovee (1 year ago)
Hi , May be an idea for a new experiment. I got 10pcs lm317 for $1 from TK Electronics , on Ebay and believe it or not those work as original from ST and do not blow up even at 39 Volts input and short-circuit , current limiting works at 1.5 Amp. I build a linear regulator powersupply using a lm431(instead of a 10kohm pot) to drive the LM317 (in my case 6pcs in parallel). It resulted in an extreme stable powersupply.
Sajal Mahmud (1 year ago)
How to bring up adjustable Voltage and Current ......what component I need to change
Sandeep Mauraya (1 year ago)
9volt se 220 v led calaye
mihail saltirov (1 year ago)
nice vid
Zubair babu (1 year ago)
Lenar OX (1 year ago)
can I use a mosfet instead the tip42?
william guillen (1 year ago)
The pot R4 is not a commercial value.
jayakumar ak (1 year ago)
i think rectifier positive pole and capacitor positive pole would be changed to emiter of tip 42 is it correct or not please confirm one more think that is positive and negative are short
Hardallı Oyuncu (1 year ago)
Thanks bro. Why don't you use a dc adapter instead of transformer and diode bridge
Hüseyin GÖKTAŞ (1 year ago)
Dc adapters work with the same principle. Of course, any smps adapter could be used for that purpose but this is more classical.
garena master (1 year ago)
Yup, your circuit at input dc is an error.
Kartik hegde (1 year ago)
Tq bro
garena master (1 year ago)
Kartik hegde I mean your schematic is showing a reverse polarity at the bridge diode
Kartik hegde (1 year ago)
Pls tell me ,in which part??
DannyD (1 year ago)
Hi. If i replace the diode can i get more voltage from it? I really need a good power supply and it would be nice circuit and not a very expensive stuff
Kartik hegde (1 year ago)
Is this circuit suitable for 2A??
Tunahan Karatay (1 year ago)
How can I modify this circuit for 30v 5a? I have tip2955 pnp and darlington/normal npn transistors.
Hristo Bachvarov (1 year ago)
Сделано в СССР!!!! Ураааа!!!
Kartik hegde (1 year ago)
What is the value of transformer??
Mr. Nadir Khan (1 year ago)
i found a tutorial on "LM317 adjustable voltage regulator simulation"...............basically this below tutorial is for beginners https://youtu.be/D6vf8J6w76I ..........check this if you like
Jesse Gazal (1 year ago)
Ive had trouble with the transformer and bridge rectifiier part of this type of circuit in the past. what about omitting those two components and get the desired fixed voltage from an ac Adapter ? like one from a radio the little black box things you plug into the wall with a jack on the other end....? Im sure you know what I mean lol. will this work the same as an input voltage you wold get from the trans/rectifier components? or would the amps not be adjustable as its fixed coming out of the ac adapter?
redsblackipod (1 year ago)
If you use that, you can ommit the transformer and the full bridge rectifier (along with the capacitor, if you'd like). The only problem would be the output voltage and output current of your adapter. And should you do a short circuit, you might blow the fuse inside the adapter.
blackburn michelson (1 year ago)
How can i icrease current limit? Can i build this device with lm317 ?
Bob Burnquist (1 year ago)
I just finished building. I changed the diodes and a couple other things. As I built using 2x 24V 2A transformers (the amps are very much needed in the bull plop in which I dabble) in parallel also with a voltage doubler throw switch incorporated into it (I tend to get into some crazy schtick when working alone... seems as if I need to humor myself just to stay awake...). Honestly ... It is very very very precise for the most part! I killed current pot tho. LMAO. Other than that. VERY impressed. I just got my new lab psu about a week ago... NOT that I needed a new one. I was just keeping up with the Jones's. I was looking to build a new one from scratch. I have been reviewing a few different schematics over the last couple weeks. This one seems extremely simplistic and I very much had my apprehensions. However... I was very much proved wrong and sometimes it does seem that less is MORE.... just like the linux command... lol Thanks for the great idea!
Bob Burnquist (1 year ago)
Here you go.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtQA_baEE_4 For the most part the same only difference besides the diode directions... lol is she added a cap.
Bob Burnquist (1 year ago)
And reading through the comments.... if you know its wrong and actually care about your work.... why dont you correct it.... HUH
Bob Burnquist (1 year ago)
so.... why are your diodes reversed from the link...? HUH!
Indlia market online link
John Paul Ruiz (1 year ago)
Thanks! a big help for me. :)
Maxx Smaxx (1 year ago)
Great job ! Simple yet functional power supply
Electronics DIY (1 year ago)
Up to 30v can I do? รักนะจ๊ะคิดถึงมากด้วยล่ะ
Kethot Van Buyuten (1 year ago)
Can i change R1 and R4 with 10k?
Rahul Shinde (1 year ago)
can i use this circuit in motorcycle for charging battry and 55-60watt headlight bulb? i have Yamaha rx135, we self made it coil and its output is 60v 6a when i accelerate bike on full throttle. we need 12v 5a for headlight and 12v to 14v 1a for charging the battry. do i need to make some changes in circuit? then what is it? please reply...... Thank You. :)
Surya Hermansyah (1 year ago)
Rahul Shinde add capasitor 16v and transistor 12v without adjustment
Isamsung Network (1 year ago)
may I apply this to control the amperes with battery Lzz guide us!!!! because I need 8amps to charge the battery but solar plate sent to battery 12amps we need 8amps
Higgs Prime (1 year ago)
can we make from LM 317T ?
Pradeep Ekanayake (1 year ago)
Its awesome. Welldone bro (y)
reginaldo monte (1 year ago)
Does it serve to control 1000mw laser?
musfik soikot (1 year ago)
give me a clear ckt diagram
muhammad jaka (1 year ago)
nice one , can this supply adjust frequency too? i need to change frequency to my EIT
ionut neacsu (1 year ago)
I have a circuit that draws 25 amp at 12 V , how can i Reduce the Amps to 15 but keeping the 12 Volts. Sorry for the idiot question.
Lela Mario (8 months ago)
If you have a transformer you need to change the secondary winding to a thinner one and also calculate how many turns you need for it
Subhranil Das (1 year ago)
Seems your rectifier is inverted . the dc output is directly going to ground. WRONG
Oğuz Can Soyselçuk (23 days ago)
C1 is also inverted.
Ryan Bergström (1 year ago)
Dude u ar Awesome!!
Jugal Mandal (1 year ago)
if i use a 5/10 amp transformer the ckt will control the current or not ????
Simeon Mladenov (1 year ago)
I'm back in to the USSR!
adriano costa (1 year ago)
ola amigo, deu certo, o tip42 tinha que ser invertido. deu certo vou postar e te mando o link obrigado, vai me ajudar muito a economizar
Jennifer Rodrigues (1 year ago)
adriano costa posta o esquema
reginaldo monte (1 year ago)
adriano costa sabe se serve para controlar laser
1959Berre (1 year ago)
You should include a fuse.
jazzlucian87 (1 year ago)
can I use Mosfets instead of PNP andNPN for higher voltage?
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one🙏🙏
Maxx Smaxx (1 year ago)
Falguni Vyas .You seem uninterested in the subject ..please find yourself some other subject which might match your level of understanding.
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one🙏🙏
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one🙏🙏
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
how to make a 0to50v 0to3a power supply please make one
Jennifer Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Merece um beijo na testa
Jennifer Rodrigues (1 year ago)
reginaldo monte não, não serve. Esse é um circuito simples de uma fonte para bancada. Tem alguns drivers específicos para isso espalhados pelo YouTube. by
reginaldo monte (1 year ago)
Jennifer Rodrigues sabe se serve para controlar laser
Fred Fresnoza (1 year ago)
can this circuit support my 30 volts ac 6 amps transformer..?
A. Olivieri (1 year ago)
Frederick Fresnoza yes, it will
Falguni Vyas (1 year ago)
can u show how to make a 0-50v 0-3a power supply
Photonic_ Induction (1 year ago)
cluod you make a smps version with current and voltage controll ?
Tech Maker (1 year ago)
How to increase voltage to 32V and Current to 2.5A
DIYelectronics (1 year ago)
Tech Maker change power supply, like a 35 [email protected] Ampere one, find a 32 volt Zener Diode, change transistor to a more suitable one (like TIP42) and reduce value of the 470 ohm resistor(i used 220 ohm 2watt resistor and obtained output current of 4 ampere)
hemanth kumar (1 year ago)
This is great. How much is the efficiency?
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
probably not that high because he used a linear voltage regulator.
Terry Jefferies (1 year ago)
This is for beginners!? lol
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
it is pretty simple
F G (1 year ago)
The current regulation of this circuit really work?
Gajanan Phadte (1 year ago)
I doubt.
Alperen Demirkol (1 year ago)
can i use 24v 1.2A power supply
G P (1 year ago)
can i use this one battery drill 12v and 1.5amps
RAMYA RAMYA (1 year ago)
is this board dot board?
G P (1 year ago)
nice video
Smart Review (2 years ago)
Can i use 2N3055 instead of BD139 to get up to 10 or 5 amp? * my transformer can supply up to 10 amps
EH Litton (2 years ago)
Excellent video Kasyan! I wish I you could slow down your speech though, it's hard to understand you, no offense though!
EH Litton (2 years ago)
Excellent video Kasyan! I wish I you could slow down your speech though, it's hard to understand you, no offense though!
thewhitemustang (6 months ago)
Go to settings in the corner of the video and click on Speed 75%. To me he sounds better than a lot of English speaking folks.
AGHIL PRAKASH M (2 years ago)
is it suitable for 12 v geared dc motor
John Smith (2 years ago)
Hi, Aka ... I didnt know you have english channel as well ... your English sound surprisingly good ... except for things like pronouncing linear (произносится "линеар", а не "лайнеар") ... фортуны братан ))
Home Made Projects (2 years ago)
Voltaj neden 15 voltla sınırlı. 30 volt ayar yapamazmıyız ? Amperi yükseltebilir miyiz ?
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
No problem, sleep well :D
Home Made Projects (1 year ago)
Teşekkür Ederim. İyi Geceler
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
It is probably limited to 15 volts because that is either the maximum of that linear voltage converter or the transformer gives 15 volts from the power from the wall.
WingedBull1 (2 years ago)
My concerns are 1: does shut off when is fully charged the battery? 2: can you connected to a Generator and then when the battery is fully charged will then shut down and when the battery is low in power will start again to charge it? I look forward to your reply please if you can provide diagram of what I am asking for.
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
This does not have a charge protection because it's a simple power supply. And yes you can use a generator for your electricity, though you have to look for the output of that generator to see if it's still enough to be above your desired voltage because the voltage regulator is a step down converter.
deivid paixao (2 years ago)
Hi, my friend, my transformer and 25 volts to use in this scheme? Or do I have to change some componet?
Robin De Gans (1 year ago)
If your transformer outputs 25 volts the voltage regulator needs to dissipate a lot of heat, the efficiency will drop as well. In other words, you need a bigger cooling block.
MikeVonDoom (2 years ago)
0:19 lol "Ampeers"
Manoj Girame (2 years ago)
Ken Franco (2 years ago)
The polarity of C1 is backwards in the schematic diagram shown and so is the full wave bridge rectifier. The  PLUS should go to the emitter of VT2 and the negative of the power supply should go to ground.
cipry1010 (2 years ago)
i think this design wont ever work,even as you corrected
jhon tejada (2 years ago)
Nice, I understand and a clear explanation of components,thank you..
Capi Berra (2 years ago)
Interesting stuff Thanks.
Nova Marquez-delp (2 years ago)
this circuit is nutral charged.
Ilias Anisis (2 years ago)
what hapens to your circuit entrance + dc is common with the out - is it so?

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