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Office 365 Exchange Online - Designing and Configuring Hybrid Environments

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Overview – we will discuss on the Benefits of a Hybrid Exchange 2013 Deployment Architecture- will try to understand the components required for Hybrid Exchange 2013 Deployment Consideration and dependencies – will discuss on the support scenarios & pre-requisites for Hybrid Deployment Tools and configuration options – will get introduced to tools like EDA, HCW, EAC Migration - we will discuss on the enhancements in mailbox moves, options for mailbox moves
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Josh Bascii (3 months ago)
on premise is pronounced "ON PRIM-ISS" it rhymes with kiss. he keeps saying on PREM-EYES, in case anyone was confused by the way he said that word.
Vinay Bhatia (27 days ago)
Josh Bascii Vast majority of IT professionals, including myself, pronounce it as On Prem Eyes. So it’s okay
Amar Keerthi Grandhi (3 months ago)
A very well explained video. All the scenarios mentioned are related the real-time environment
Nashaat Mena (11 months ago)
Thx for your valuable information video
Jorge Díez (2 years ago)
Hi, I've read there is no need to add a EX2013 server to the enviroment if there is already an existing EX server. Is that true? Or is it always needed? Thank you!

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