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Installation and demonstration of the JW SPEAKER 239 J2 SERIES, 3.5IN ROUND LED LIGHT KIT, SMOKE - JK. Purchased from Northridge 4x4 at the following link: https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/marker-lights/0346503-jw-speaker-239-j2-series-3-5in-round-led-light-kit-smoke Check out our other videos: How to install Inner Fender Liners: https://youtu.be/vOFqiqzBAdI How to install a Steering Stabilizer: https://youtu.be/f1k2EStnE2s How to install Flat Fenders: https://youtu.be/EjrPRPIxALA How to install Jeep Tail Lights: https://youtu.be/oqqRE-1rXqU How to install Jeep Hood Latches: https://youtu.be/UnMl9dMOZig How to install Kawell 18w LED’s: https://youtu.be/FDwC7hLCapU How to install Lower Switch Panel: https://youtu.be/e4Dq11Mrpgw KAWELL Dual Side Shooter Led and Rigid DSs Covers: https://youtu.be/z8XitDsOu7U Pro Comp A/T Sports: https://youtu.be/33KATVMDRuw BFG LT315/70R17 All Terrain KO2: https://youtu.be/WXLsEWzAckE
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David Bartlett (10 months ago)
Hi, do these stay on all the time like orange day running lights? Or just when you switch the lights on? Thanks
ifp123 (2 months ago)
get a used (like I did for $100.) AEV Procal, then you can set them up as DRL's, etc., etc.
David Bartlett (9 months ago)
Level 3 Jeeps hi mate, I think the wiring to mine might be different, I had day running lights taken off when the metal cloaks were put on so maybe that has something to do with it! Thanks for all the info! I’ll see what my local 4x4 dealer can do! Cheers
Jeep’s N Stuff (9 months ago)
David Bartlett you might have a bad set. Quadratic just posted a video and at the end it shows them on. It might be a wiring issue.
David Bartlett (9 months ago)
Level 3 Jeeps it’s 2017! Haha never mind, I wouldn’t have bought them just for turn signals! Enjoy! 👍🍻
Jeep’s N Stuff (9 months ago)
Hey Dave, sorry to hear that. What year is your Jeep? Not even sure that matters. I made a quick video of how mine work and are on when I turn on the headlights. I’ll post it so you can see how mine work. I’ll send you a note when I’m able to post it.
The Clasemen (1 year ago)
No hyperflash with these?
Jeep’s N Stuff (1 year ago)
You will love these too! Let me know what you think after you get them installed.
The Clasemen (1 year ago)
Level 3 Jeeps I have the jw speaker headlights and taillights I love them, I installed a led bulb in my turn signal but I get hyperflash so I'm ordering the jw turn signals today thanks!
Jeep’s N Stuff (1 year ago)
The Clasemen not at all. They have worked perfectly and are very bright. I’m very happy with them.

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