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Private Equity or family owned, IPO, Stock Exchange listing blessing or curse? Investment.

More From: Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - FUTURE
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http://www.globalchange.com Contrast between publicly owned companies and privately owned. Role of private equity and influence of management buyouts. Short-termism in analyst valuations of companies. Pressures on boards and senior teams for quarterly profit forecasts. Cultural contrast. Family owned business tends to take a longer term view. Different priorities and agendas. IPOs can create huge new pressures on business leaders. Analysts should take a longer term view since it is impossible to run a business quarter by quarter on key performance indicators which apply only to the next 12 months. We need to encourage longer term investment, pipelines of innovations which give greater stability in corporate valuations. Brands, branding, marketing strategies, new mergers and acquisitions. Future of physical trading communities for stocks and shares. Why London will survive as an international trading centre. Forecasting tomorrows trends in financial markets, institutional fundraising, commodity trading. Alternative trading platforms and the future of stock exchanges. Finding enough liquidity is a challenge for these trading platforms apart from large national or international stock exchange. Last-century models of trading and raising capital in the markets. 24 hour trading. Future of stock brokers and money markets. Challenges of daylight and working hours. IPOs and future of share offerings. New trading models. Capacity to think in isolation is limited. Twitter, crowdsourcing and open innovation but some limits compared to complex interactions face to face. Contrast between publicly owned companies and privately owned.
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Glad you enjoyed the video - take a look at my other 500 uploads...
Looking forward to your comments on these important issues. And thanks to others too for your comments on my others videos which many tens of thousands will read with interest over the next months.... Do share your insights and thoughts - and remember to tell us which country you live in.... I read every comment and reply where I can...
@Nkatsikanis Thanks.
True - the real issue with any business should be what its underlying value is and will be in the next few years rather than the next few minutes.
Yes as we have seen in Italy local authorities - derivatives are hard to understand and contain risks therefore.
Press the UP ARROW bottom right of the video and CC for ROBOT translation of this video - amazing, instant, experimental and of course not accurate yet. Sign of future. As people like you correct it, Google will develop best speech recognition in world. Think of ability to turn into words ANY conversation live or recorded (security issues???). Also think of power for first time for search engines to READ content of a video - better than relying on title and creator's key words.
I look forward to your comments on issues raised here - they will be seen by thousands of people.

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