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Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 2014

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Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 2014 10. Norway -Norway is one of the coldest and less polluted country in the world. Norway is blessed with natural heritage and one of strongest economic country around the world. Norway is also listed as third best countries to live in the world. Even though it has gone down in rank of cleanest countries in the world, still managed to obtain a spot in the list. 9. Sweden -Sweden is another part of Scandinavia peninsula and repeatedly considered as the cleanest country to live in the world. Sweden is one of the happiest and richest countries in the world with ample natural resources. Sweden is also a strong economic country with peaceful and delightful environment. 8. Austria -Austria is also a European country, which managed to get listed as one of cleanest countries of the world. This country sustains the list of best countries to live in and peaceful countries in the world. With a clean environment and historical monuments, Austria secured the eight spot in our list. Austria is consistent in economic growth, pollution rate, health and working environment. 7. Spain -Officially, Kingdom of Spain is a country in Iberian Peninsula, which is located in southwestern Europe. Spain is one of the kingdoms of nature with many natural heritages and clean environment. This country maintains a low pollution rate among all other countries in the world. Spain secured the seventh spot in our list with an EPI score over 79. 6. Germany -Germany has gone above in the list of cleanest countries in the world from the previous index. This country has drastically reduced the pollution rate and got into the sixth spot.We have to say that people in Germany are been more conscious towards pollution. 5. Czech Republic -Czech Republic, yet another European country in our list of cleanest country in the world. This country is surrounded by other cleanest countries like Germany in west and Austria in south. This country managed to grab the fifth spot with a natural environment and clean urban living. 4. Singapore -Singapore is one of the smallest and powerful island countries in the world. Singapore lies in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula and it is one of the highly urbanized countries. Singapore is the second richest country in the world and maintains a high discipline in living. This country has no distinctive season and maintains a stable temperature throughout the year, which inhabits natural growth of crops. This country mains a stable and clean environment and managed to be listed as fourth cleanest country in the world. 3. Australia -Australia is one of the happiest and cleanest countries in the world. With a huge geography space, this country inhabits a population of 23.1 million (Which is quite low as compared to other big nations). This country holds a life expectancy over 85 on average. Surrounded by natural resources and clean roads with minimal traffic makes it less vulnerable to pollution. Australia is one of the friendly countries to live in with a peaceful environment and natural surroundings. Australia is one of the best countries to live with kids in 2014. If you were planning to live a happy life with less pollution and corruption then Australia would be a best choice. 2. Luxembourg -Luxembourg is one of the richest countries with population as low as 5 million. Arguably, this country holds many historical monuments and clean environments to have a happy life. Luxembourg is stable country with low crime reports and friendly atmosphere among the people. The country has reduced the pollution rate over these years and gone up from its previous ranking of cleanest countries in the world. By far, this is one of the best countries to live in, raise children, work, retire and die. People live in this country gives equal importance to business and family. 1. Switzerland -Switzerland is also known as the heaven in earth with its series of establishments like best country to live in 2014, happiest country, peaceful country, best country to retire and safest country in the world. Along with other establishments, Switzerland managed to take pride as being the cleanest country in the world. Despite of being the mass producers of best chocolates and watches in the world, Switzerland also stands for its unique taste of water and best quality living of people. source-http://askushowto.com/top-10-cleanest-countries-in-the-world-2014/ I, Sk Atar Ali hereby declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com. I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights: "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" section. Background Sound of this video I collect from YouTube Audio Library which is free to use. Thank you.
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Text Comments (74)
Hie5ForLifeYT (1 year ago)
Slovenia debil
Jashim Uddin (2 years ago)
india is the cleanest country in the world.
Eclipsa MSP (3 months ago)
Reiza Alhambra (2 years ago)
No india on the list?
Fellforcrys (2 years ago)
i mean Finland Like its On top 3Cleanest
Da_Fonz (2 years ago)
White countries!
Dragon Empire225 (1 year ago)
Da_Fonz All these countries are painted in white? Duhh
NZT KING (2 years ago)
Iceland is the cleanest country.
Music Life (3 years ago)
This is not true
Mahyar Hormozan (3 years ago)
Do you mean Japan and south Korea is not clean??????
The Zombot ghost (3 years ago)
The Zombot ghost (3 years ago)
Isyrawr Phab (3 years ago)
do u even math
Mateus (3 years ago)
Singapore should be removed from 'cleanest' list -- it suffers many bouts (per year, every year) of air pollution due to mass burning in nearby countries. http://www.haze.gov.sg
Mateus (3 years ago)
+MarnigePlayer : Thanks for responding. The issue of haze alone is largely prompted by the surrounding countries of that 'other country' you refer to - PRC, AUS, SG included. If you compare SG alone to other nations, it should still be removed or at least questioned on a specific methodology. Japan is still cleaner, I sense, and I'd even go to point out Korea or Taiwan around the same as SG. You can compare these to several European countries too, Estonia being an extremely gorgeous one that seems ignored, let alone mentioning parts of Italy (like Isle of Capri), or other micro-nations like Monaco, Andorra, Liechenstein. I do not believe this video is scientifically-based, just subjective, so the 'methodology of analysis' is lacking. Nonetheless, even being subjective, given the recent few years of how SG has become, I still question it in this rank compared to the other ~185 countries.
Marnige (3 years ago)
it's NEARBY countries, not IN Singapore... even though I'm not Singaporean, I can relate to how it feel. I mean like the forest fire in Indonesia, created the haze issues for SEA countries. Take global warming for example, it's not our fault that other countries pollute the world. the only thing we can do is to stop them from doing it which, I researched, they did argued with the Indonesian government to stop with the burning of trees to make land.
cool dude (3 years ago)
Where's Finland !!!???
cool dude (3 years ago)
Where's Finland they !!??!!
Sander B - T (3 years ago)
I'm from Norway this facking bool shit
Eddie Stubborn (3 years ago)
New Zealand shouldn't be included on this list. It's not as clean as it should be. The pollution that runs thru the waterways created by the farmers and their livestock. Runoffs from factories directly into the water system. And that is just one form of pollution. It's a myth that New Zealand is 100% clean and Green,
Brem (3 years ago)
But you are happy that Spain and the Czech republic are on here... I have lived in NZ and the Czech Republic and I can tell you NZ is far cleaner.
Luca Wohlgemuth (3 years ago)
Oooohh yeah switzerland! My country \(^o^)/
Interesting Videos (3 years ago)
Summer V (3 years ago)
Nz should be on this list. And the counting doe....10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,1,2 wtfff
Josh (3 years ago)
I think these are wrong!!
Imran Khan (4 years ago)
1/ Cook Islands, 2/ New Zealand
steven mutua (4 years ago)
Where is USA and uk
Buddy Boy12 (4 years ago)
I expected Singapore to be on here. Whipped a kid over spitting lol
Tury (3 years ago)
+Matt Brozie Same! lol. I was only watching this video to make sure its gonna be clean for my trip to singapore (: lmao for replying 2 months late! Hahaha
Where is Islandia, men?
Jia Ming (4 years ago)
Yay 4.Singapore My country^
A kid in Africa (3 years ago)
+Jia Ming YAY !
Jani Kallio (4 years ago)
Finland is in real list at 6 or 7 place i think
cool dude (3 years ago)
Dude you are right Finland should be here!!!!!
Freeman Walid (4 years ago)
whar fuck whar fuck don't ya know malaysia bitchhhhhhh
rodosianpalms (4 years ago)
jatin barwala (4 years ago)
wheres india dude? 
Marnige (3 years ago)
+jatin barwala such ironically things are never comprehended
JimboParadox (4 years ago)
+jatin barwala Literally
jatin barwala (4 years ago)
nope india is clean as shit.!!!
Julie Nguyen (4 years ago)
India is dirty
JimboParadox (4 years ago)
+jatin barwala On the *dirtiest* list.
AikarambaNorway (4 years ago)
Norway should be NR 1!
Jia Ming (4 years ago)
It DOSENT matter on the number it stills clean as same as all of the countrys
AikarambaNorway (4 years ago)
+Sebastian Samuelsson cool i didnt know
Sebbe (4 years ago)
Aikaramba norway is clean because They are paying sweden to take 80.000 ton trash every year
cheeseless (4 years ago)
+Aikaramba12 or Håkon SL  OK sherlock whatever you say -_-
AikarambaNorway (4 years ago)
+cheeseless s lol, i am Norwegian! And i've Been mostly all over norway and Oslo is one of the worst, i got family in iceland and i would say norway is Much better, i've Been all around both countrys! So can u please, i know this Much better than u
Nystunissen (4 years ago)
Norway is cleaner than Sweden
videofabriken (4 years ago)
And you see that much of a noticable difference?
Nystunissen (4 years ago)
+videofabriken I live 1 hour away from Sweden. And Sweden is probably the country I have visited most. So yeah. I know
videofabriken (4 years ago)
Yea, but not in Sweden so?...
Nystunissen (4 years ago)
+videofabriken I live in Norway
videofabriken (4 years ago)
What do you base that on?
Cristina M (4 years ago)
Spain isn't clean at all Madrid is always full of horrible fumes You can see a brown skyline of Madrid duo to contamination And Japan is a very clean country
Cookies Yum (4 years ago)
skipped 2
Surface4 (4 years ago)
Ireland would be on the list if Dublin didn't exist.
Xiong Yang (4 years ago)
Where's Japan?
jatin barwala (4 years ago)
in your ass
Ria (4 years ago)
Australia???? do some real statistics nz should be on that list
Maddy Stanger (4 years ago)
She means New Zealand should be on it. That's why she said NZ.
Julie Nguyen (4 years ago)
Yeah Australia is aready on the list
Jia Ming (4 years ago)
Hey! Australia is already on the list
jatin barwala (4 years ago)
yeah bitch. digest it unless get ready to be fucked by kangaroos
New Channel: Z3r0x Fx (4 years ago)
Where's Finland??? :'(
jatin barwala (4 years ago)
at top of my dick.. 
cheeseless (4 years ago)
+Ofa Lewis LOL
Ofa Lewis (4 years ago)
In Europe

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