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Energy Security and transnational pipelines | FSR & HERI Conference on European Energy Law

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http://fsr.eui.eu/event/fsr-heri-conference-european-energy-law/ Following the lively debate over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the question of the applicability of EU energy law to the importation of gas from third countries, this session will examine several crucial issues which have emerged from the case. For example, what do the divergent opinions of the Directorate General and the Commission’s legal service reveal about the complexities of transnational pipelines? How should energy security be considered in this context? What are the implications of the Commission’s new Energy Security Package? How have existing transnational pipeline projects handled these challenges? Chair: Athanassios Kaissis | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 1:25 Going beyond Nord Stream II: How to secure the compliance of connecting pipelines with EU energy legislation George Paidakakis | Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) 18:44 The Security of Gas Supply under the (EU) Regulation 994/2010, the recent Proposal for its amendment and the importance of the European legal framework on Intergovernmental Agreements with third countries as a means of safeguarding security of supply in the Union John A. Apsouris | Hellenic Petroleum S.A. Alexia Trokoudi | Hellenic Petroleum S.A. 11:11:16 Reflections on procurement, construction and operation of transnational gas pipelines: How far is EU law to be applied? Kyriakos Papanikolaou | Democritus University of Thrace
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