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How to automate forex strategies (no coding skills needed)

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I have finished perfecting a forex trading method that works for stock trading, forex futures trading, stock exchange trading, binary options, cfd trading,spread trading etc. This forex trading system cannot be manipulated by forex trading brokers or any broker in the financial market. I may need to rephrase, It would be very difficult to manipulate this forex system by any forex broker . For people who are interested in forex day trading systems, the good news is that you can use this system even for Long term trading , short term trading and medium term trading. This will also work with any forex trading software (trading indicators) be it metatrader 4 , Metatrader 5, Fx trade station, GTS platform. It will only require 2 of the simplest and most popular trading indicators- MACD and stochastic oscillator). I will soon launch my forex trading advice service. and for as many people that will be interested in this forex trading system it will be free. I have worked with 4 different forex brokers Uk based, Cyprus based and Newzealand based. I understand all their tricks and I will share these information for free. Terms and conditions apply. Contact me by email for more information.: [email protected] Skype: Profedu2001
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Text Comments (70)
Edward Omubo (2 months ago)
thanks Chinedu for this tutorial ("How to automate forex strategies (no coding skills needed)". this is good and simple. pls i need more tutorials to improve the more.
Jaki Chan (5 months ago)
Hi how about signals for MA's crossover?
Michael (5 months ago)
Awesome video. Anybody making real money doing this?
Jose A. Cantu (8 months ago)
Cant connect to Forexeadvisor.com is it still working ?
Thabang Gladson (5 months ago)
Still working yes
did you get assisted?
James Suitt (9 months ago)
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charls bery (9 months ago)
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elizabeth henkel (9 months ago)
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OLU LUVME (10 months ago)
do you know, how to adjust the tick function, i want my ea created on forexeadvisor to trade everyticks of my designated entyandexit position?
hamza saeed (10 months ago)
Hey Shelley Davis. I want to talk to you. Send me email to [email protected]
Marky Mark (11 months ago)
pls help me how to place buy or sell order depending on the color of heikeneshi smooth?
Chinedu Onuoha (11 months ago)
Hi, The mentioned indicator is not part of the default indicators in the MT4. The purpose of the video is for the common indicators. I suggest you contract the services of professional programmers. Thanks for your comment
seun margret (11 months ago)
please, can i get phone contact or whatzapp number?
Chinedu Onuoha (11 months ago)
please send me an email [email protected] I will send you my phone number afterwards. Thanks
James Brand (11 months ago)
Absolutely stunning. Magic
Michael (11 months ago)
Hey Chinedu! I did one of my own, very easy to understand the website, however it doesnt seem to work, getting the sad smiley on the chart when importing :c Some warnings but no error while compiling, and have accepted nad turned on automated trading in mt4 aswell but it still wont let me ;( any idea what it could be caused by?
Chinedu Onuoha (11 months ago)
Sorry for my late response. I have been very busy. Please do a search on youtube, you will see so many videos on HOW TO TEST AN EA USING A STRATEGY TESTER
Michael (11 months ago)
Hope you can help me out with this too! Thanks in advance
Michael (11 months ago)
Mt4 was bugged it seemed, turned off computer and restarted mt4 for the autotrade button to activate the smiley, thanks! Im not familiar or good with the strategy tester acctually, i bring it up, ctrl r, but i dont understand how to backtest. I chose dates, the EA i want to try out (this one obv), currency pair and "Every tick" in Model, but when trying this, nothing happens, i have waited for long time and it just doesnt do anything, and i can press stop any time without any results. It should come with the progress bar, green if im not mistaken but theres just blank everywhere lol..
Chinedu Onuoha (11 months ago)
Again you will need to try it first on strategy tester before running directly on MT4. Let me know how it goes
Chinedu Onuoha (11 months ago)
You will need to enable Auto trading for the sad smiley to SMILE
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
may 11, 2018 Dear Chinedu, my profits are only reducing with the www.forexeadvisor.com/ automation. Help.
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
So how can I increase the profits from losses with the MACD automation? The automations does not even trigger according to instructions of the MADC EA 12269.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
Help? How so?
Mdali King (1 year ago)
Hi Chinedu, I've tried compiling my own MA EA with this program, but the results show "OrderSend error 131". How do I fix this mate??? If you wish to send me further details my email is: [email protected]
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
There is possibly an AND and OR mixup.
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Dear Chinedu, yes confirmed, in the MACD EA 6 13 4 the strategy tester charts works fine with the buys and sells as instructed to the EA, but the actual execution triggers are late by the EA and some times on triggers at all.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
You need a true stp or ECN broker
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
may 2, 2018 Dear Chinedu and people, I did my condition as 6 13 4, and then 12 26 9 for MACD EA, but my profits are only reducing, then I reversed the conditions then too my profits are reducing. Is the markets rigged?
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Well I think markets are not rigged because when I manually trade I am not at loss, this triggers are late by the EA and some times on triggers at all.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
Good question. The market is complex. Its hard to explain in text
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Dear Chinedu, well does the MT 4 and the automation trading goes on after you close the windows?
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
of course not. You may need a vps to run your EA
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Dear Chinedu, Can I code in http://www.forexeadvisor.com/ for trading with the MACD histogram above or below the 0 line?
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
http://www.forexeadvisor.com/ is writing the codes properly I guess there should be no misfiring or late firing for the conditions (triggers).
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
If the Pseudo code is properly written, it will work as specified. If you check closely you will notice certain limitations
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Thank you. It looks like the automation does not follows the instructions regularly, many times it would not trigger, many times it would trigger lately resulting into loss even if the method is good.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
If you are coding a MACD EA, mode Main is the histogram while Signal is the red (signal) line
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Dear Chinedu, What is "mode - signal" and "mode - main"?
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
apr 27, 2018 Dear Chinedu, it looks like the coding dos not work exactly as wanted through the http://www.forexeadvisor.com, for example I trade by following the histogram of the MAD 12 26 9, when the histogram is below the 0 line I Short and when the histogram is above the 0 line I Long, up on creating the code for this method and feeding to the MT4 expert advisor folder, and starting the automated trades only a few times does the triggers happens for Long and Short when the histograms move up or down the 0 line. The Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Take Profit are being turned off in this codes. Can this is solved?
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
The coding does not follow as instructed, triggers only some times.
Nayan Mipun (1 year ago)
Okay. Any way. Now however the automated trades only a few times as the triggers happens for Long and Short when the histograms move up or down the 0 line only some times.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
Yes I noticed the trailing stops does not work. Try this,link below the trailing stops work perfectly http://www.forexeadvisor.com/expert_generator.aspx
Bloom Ndu (1 year ago)
I tried this website but all the EAs created did not work, what could be the issue? Bloom [email protected]
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
I am not sure what you tried to code but you can send me a mail with more details. [email protected]
AGODOH TSOGBE (1 year ago)
Hello Sir ! I have a plan of simple combination set up but please contact me by my email to see if it possible to put it on EA. It is fantastic. My email is ( [email protected] ). Thanks.
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
Sorry for late reply did not see this earlier. Send me an email with more details/ [email protected]
Joe (1 year ago)
does not work if you have no up/down movement
REV SESSIONS (1 year ago)
wow great Thanks bro. this was very good... Now what if i want to OPEN buy when 20 period SMA crosses 5 period SMA and the 20 SMA is facing up as in a buy direction. How do i key this into the EA generator
RichRichards (1 year ago)
Hi Chinedu, that's a beautiful clever ea. Do you have any profitable ea for sale. Message me at [email protected]
dhardman85 (1 year ago)
I am trying to make a swing trading ED, I don't know how to code it but I know the conditions I want. Can you help me build it.
sdkljfls (1 year ago)
how abt use forex program service like createforexrobots com
dhardman85 (1 year ago)
ok I will send it later today
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
Let me try. send it to [email protected]
Francis Umoh (1 year ago)
Hi Sir, Thanks alot for this information. I have copied the script to my mt4 but its not displaying
Chinedu Onuoha (1 year ago)
It should compile without errors but some warnings. If not there may be some mistakes with the and or command
Miguel P Contreras (1 year ago)
Excellent job. We need gentlemen like you in the trading community. Thanks!!!
James Kabau (1 year ago)
EAs to trade?
shyam shyam (1 year ago)
Abena A (1 year ago)
helloChinedu great video but yu left without comleting thr ea,,u should a buy and the open is confusing me here,,two examples would have been better,,,the shifts are they still 1 . 1 even at sell too?
Sajjad Hossain (2 years ago)
sir, can you give me stochastic( 5;3;3) divergence EA. please.
Mark Anthony (2 years ago)
It is a smoothing of the stochastic indicator plus it automatically plots the divergence and where to enter
Sajjad Hossain (2 years ago)
sir, mark anthony what is the deffrence between HPO and stochastic (8.3.3) please tell me.
Mark Anthony (2 years ago)
Sajjad Hossain (2 years ago)
sir, mark anthony can you give me for free.

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