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Cisco Site-to-Site VPN IPSec Over GRE Tunnel

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A tutorial on how to create a GRE tunnel over existing Site-to-Site IPSec VPN Tunnel between two sites via internet and how to secure the tunnel using IPSec VPN technologies, IPSec, isakmp, crypto-map, in order to run IGP Routing Protocols i.e. OSPF, EIGRP etc. Plz watch it in HD for sharper image. Thanks, Suleman Tajik CCNA, CCNP
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Blaze Kid (1 year ago)
Great video. Instead of having the internet connect, if both routers were connected together across a Frame relay cloud, would this method still work? Thanks
Suleman Tajik (1 year ago)
Blaze Kid Yes it work in similar fashion..as long as the 2 routers are reachable whether through a frame relay, internet or simply a switch. it will work. thanks for watching and sharing your queries
Emiro Rhoads (3 years ago)
Excellent, thank you :)
Kessel Run (3 years ago)
how do you advertise OSPF over your gre?
Suleman Tajik (3 years ago)
thanks for watching the video.
Suleman Tajik (3 years ago)
you can advertise the tunnel interfaces in ospf by network command..like you do on any other interface. obviously you need to run ospf process first on both router with same area to form neighbourship
Obituary dogs (3 years ago)
excellent vid, But just a small question, not trying to be smart here. Isn't there a difference between GRE over IPsec Tunnel vs IPsec over GRE Tunnel ??  Coz here and mostly in every IPsec/.GRE network and labs we do, we'd be encapsulating GRE tunnel inside of IPsec protocol ?? and encapsulating IPsec over GRE creates a whole new different scenario right ?
Chris L (4 years ago)
Great Video!  Awesome step-by-step process.  You're the greatest!!!!!!!
net0pier (5 years ago)
Hello. Maybe I dont understand it correctly, but this is not IPsec over GRE (IPSec inside GRE),,,? You build IPSec tunel to encrypt traffic between and thats ok. But you configured it on physical interfaces, not inside GRE tunnel. After that you build GRE tunnel. UDP packets generated by this tunnel will not be encrypted. So you are sending unencrypted ospf packets over internet...
Suleman Tajik (3 years ago)
thanks for pointing out. we can protect the tunnel with applying the ipsec profile to the tunnel interface. with tunnel-protection command. 
Suleman Tajik (5 years ago)
I would suggest you to create this lab in GNS 3 or else you would need latest version of packet tracer..i guess. Check weather Crypto map works in packet tracer..?
Anissack Soukthavone (5 years ago)
Dear Suleman, I did try simulation this on packet tracer but it is unable to ping between Site1 & Site2. Can you show me what is it wrong? Thanks
Suleman Tajik (6 years ago)
Thanks Siri for viewing the video and i am glad you found it informative..yeah..had some problems with recording equipment and had sour throat that day.. hopefully will fix it next time..any suggestions for improvement are welcome.. Thanks once again. :)
Siri Reddy (6 years ago)
Very informative.. Thanks.. But you voice was too low, I could hardly hear you !! I had to use speakers to understand what exactly you are saying..
Suleman Tajik (6 years ago)
yes u can...u need to just simulate on router as internet and configure ips on it.
Jean Carlos (6 years ago)
is that I'm doing this test on cisco packet tracer, so I'm in doubt if it is possible.
Suleman Tajik (6 years ago)
its between you and the ISP..you might have noticed these IPs' are 30 bit network mask to connect two routers usually they are live Ips give by your service provider in order to connect your corporate network to the internet. I hope this have cleared your query...and thanks for the interest shown..appreciate it. :)
Jean Carlos (6 years ago)
In what equipment you put the IPs and
Suleman Tajik (6 years ago)
Thanks Marcus..i appreciate ur comments.
Marcus Heath (6 years ago)
Great vid, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Suleman Tajik (6 years ago)
You are welcome. You forgot to press da like button. :)
Muhammad Bhatti (6 years ago)
thanks for info
Suleman Tajik (7 years ago)
@imeezz hahaha :)
Muhammad Imran (7 years ago)
you are most welcome im going to press like button too
Suleman Tajik (7 years ago)
@imeezz Thanks Imran.bhai for your support.
Muhammad Imran (7 years ago)
Nice, Video Great work, alot information as wel Keep good work up, all best wishes are with you!!!!!

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