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How to Start your own Construction Company - 10 Tips

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Maria gives you her 10 steps to starting your own business in the construction industry. Disclaimer: Please note that this is purely Maria's opinion and should you actually want to take the serious step of owning your own business, please speak to a professional. Further Information discussed: For Licences: Fair Trading NSW http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Tradespeople/Home_building_licensing/Licence_classes_and_qualifications.page Our Accountants: PFS Accountants t: 02 9519 8866 e: [email protected] w: www.pfsaccountants.com.au Accounting Software: Xero https://www.xero.com/au/ Register Your Business Name: ASIC http://asic.gov.au/for-business/registering-a-business-name/steps-to-register-your-business-name/ Master Builders Association (NSW) http://www.mbansw.asn.au/ And don't forget to follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nwd_designandbuild
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Ma Pa (14 days ago)
You don't really need half of this stuff. If you have been in the business as an employee for construction in your area.
Den SHERMIL (1 month ago)
hey, nice video, what kind of constructions related qualifications you have? A degree? diploma? MSc in project management etc? or atleast a degree in civil eng? seems like you're not qualified to carry out construction works. Having the license doesn't make you a good construction contractor. Thanks
Abhay thakur (1 month ago)
This is very good to listen but tell me obe thing, right now i am pursuing my engineering and i am in final year so right now how i can possibilate my dream of opening of construction company??
Den SHERMIL (1 month ago)
seems like all they want is just to read the replies or post the video and forget it. They don't have formal education, they're just trying to look that they know things.
aniruddha dalvi (1 month ago)
Or any other management course is mandatory for this business
aniruddha dalvi (1 month ago)
Mam.. can a BE in civil start a construction business or any other specialization required.....
Den SHERMIL (1 month ago)
ask this person, they don't have any kind of qualifications ... yet they are promoting their brand NWD .. they're not qualified to do constructions.
Amir Khan (1 month ago)
Itz my whatsaap no.... +919596218467
aniruddha dalvi (1 month ago)
We meet soon ..your idea is not bad
aniruddha dalvi (1 month ago)
+Amir Khan yep bro but I m in Maharashtra and I m completing my degree
Amir Khan (1 month ago)
aniruddha dalvi if u r willing we can start it in Kashmir here demand is very high..... So if u don't mind let's shake the hands itz a business deal
PARTYPOPPER _13557 (7 months ago)
PARTYPOPPER _13557 (7 months ago)
<3 u
NWD Design & Build (7 months ago)
Charles Antwan (8 months ago)
This is so cool well done 👍
NWD Design & Build (8 months ago)
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

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