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2015 Yamaha R1 R1M turn signals and tail light smoked integrated

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Metric Method shows JL designs custom turn signals. Check out www.jld7.com for all product details, videos and to ORDER!!! These 3" amped LEDs are 10X brighter then normal LEDs. They now have a smoked Integrated tail light for the stealthy black look. JL designs is wrapping up packaging and final installation videos. Their website will be up shortly. We will be shipping our first pre-orders 12/28/15. Metric Method is the exclusive distributor for JL designs. We sell to dealers, private shops, online stores, re-sellers and direct to customers. Email for setup details. More great videos to come with these products!!!! Product details. Link to Q and A video on these lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEyu8-z8iC8 TS-Series: Turn signal ONLY $120 Red lens / Red LED (Part# 15R1-TS-R) Smoke lens / Amber LED (Part# 15R1-TS-S) DFS-Series: LEDs w/dual function $140 Red lens / Red LED (Part# 15R1-DF-R) Smoke lens / Amber LED (Part# 15R1-DF-S) CS-REAR: Complete smoked rear end $230 Smoked Turn Signals & Tail light (Part # 15R1-CRS) Tail light Smoke: $135 Integrated smoked tail light (Part # 15R1-STL) Submit orders to [email protected] or call 949-378-0520 give us part # and quantity. We reply with an invoice. Thank you for your patience while we finalize the order website.
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Text Comments (17)
I live in South Korea. I need a link to buy.
KneeDown Club (9 months ago)
cool i love some flash light same bmw, put more inside some lamp flash led☺ be safe on my ass
Zxllymylxg 95 (1 year ago)
hi do u send overseas to singapore?
Brian Gonzalez (2 years ago)
does this kid come with the fender eliminator bracket? or is just the lights ?  thanks
Jeffrey Kim (2 years ago)
Dang, can't get cleaner than that!
CARS NATION (3 years ago)
Cool,but u should put a blind causing warning cause my eyes are fucked right now!!
Jo Jo Nation (3 years ago)
looks really cool, sub to me and I will sub back,
FRANKXXX311 (3 years ago)
Nice !!!
Pvk Jhilk (3 years ago)
HO1HUM (3 years ago)
Very Nice! How do I get a set?
metricmethod (3 years ago)
+HO1HUM Check out www.jld7.com for all product details, videos and to ORDER!!!
AL REX (3 years ago)
Sign me up! Do you offer Smoked tail and smoked DFS series signals?
metricmethod (3 years ago)
Alex, in the video we wanted amber signals to match the amber turnsignals in the tail light, and since amber can not be a constant low. You have a few options. 1st. The setup we did on our R1M which you saw 2nd. smoked tail light with red lens / red LEDs signals (if you don't mind the red lens signals) Then I wouldn't hook up the amber signals in the tail light, let the red be low and turn. 3rd. We now offer a smoke lens with red LED (this will keep the complete smoke look) but the signals flash red!!! Still not hooking up the tail light signals. Let's us know! 
AL REX (3 years ago)
+metricmethod My question is does the complete rear kit come with The DFS series signals because I want running light/turn signals on my bike. Your video of the completed kit only shows the rear smoked main brake light having just TS series turn signals (no running lights much like your TS series signals)
metricmethod (3 years ago)
+Alex Becker Check out www.jld7.com for all product details, videos and to ORDER!!!
metricmethod (3 years ago)
+Alex Becker Yes the package part # is CS-Rear (complete smoke rear) including smoked tail light and signals. Email us at [email protected] we will invoice you.
AL REX (3 years ago)
+Alex Becker As a package of course...

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