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10 Safest Countries If WW3 Breaks Out

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If the end of the world comes, some countries are safer than others. We'll show you the best places to hide out in the event everything goes wrong Don't forget to check the narrator's channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/KrunchyNaut (He makes AWESOME gaming videos!) SUBSCRIBE to Top Lists: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TopListsOfficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toplistsyt Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopListsTweets -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Anguish by Kevin MacLeod Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.
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Top Lists (1 year ago)
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smiling moon (21 days ago)
Ilyass Abbad (1 month ago)
Top Lists p
Ilyass Abbad (1 month ago)
Morocco is safe it is really safe in world war 3 police really safe
Mg LG (8 hours ago)
What about missles to their neigbors, radiation, refugees
Kev Efe (1 day ago)
No African countries in the list? What do you mean? Are we poor and also unfortunate?
Liam C (1 day ago)
"And on that day, humanity recieved a grim reminder..." *All countries fighting... until* **Insert AOT intro meme here**
Noble Hill (2 days ago)
What about Africa? Never had a world war.
Susan Fritz (3 days ago)
Wow I never even heard of some of those places ! Hey what about Australia my boyfriend says we'd be safe here ?!!
Stephen Johnson (3 days ago)
While WW3 Breaks out il be sitting at home in Ireland with a nice cuppa watching TV while the world falls apart
Bottomless Pops (3 days ago)
A nuke can boom a whole Chicago and Milwaukee together
Beep Beep I'm A Sheep (4 days ago)
As if any Country Is not scared of the power from EU...
Tracy Dupree (4 days ago)
In the first two world wars. Your assessment may of been spot on . But if the third world war is fought with nukes ? Then all bets are off ....everyone thinks of a nuclear war as an atom bomb dropped on Japan in world war two ....the reality is our 'nuclear bombs of today are much different one hydrogen bomb today is equivalent to 1000 atom bombs .....so in ww2 we dropped 2 atom bombs on Japan , if we used the nuclear bombs we had today , that would equal 2000 atom bombs dropped . In theory , if only 3 nuclear bombs were dropped at strategic places around the world. 3 nukes could kill all life on the planet. People today talk about a world war , thinking it would be similar to the past two world wars ......but they would be wrong .. A nuclear bomb today would immediately kill anyone in a 200 hundreds mile square radius ..they would be instantly vaporized, and then for hundreds of miles out from the center , you would get people suffering from burns , and radiation sickness , that would most likely die in a few weeks time , then you have the nuclear fall out . Depending on which way the.wind was blowing.. other places could end up literally raining death . . And it falling in the water , ground etc which will be poisonous for years and years to come . ... today this planet has enough nukes on hand to kill all life on this planet about 30 times over ..without producing anymore nukes , we have the power to kill all life on 30 different planets ....if we have world war 3 . It will be the last world war we ever have . And if every country that has a nuke shoots just one of them at their enemy. . I'm afraid there would be no safe places to be on this planet ...please don't talk about nuclear war like it would be survivable. .It gives people the false impression that they might survive a nuclear war, and.more prone to instigate one. When the reality , is probably no one would survive those are just the facts Also with someone like Donald Trump as president .. who does not fully grasp the realty of a nuclear war , and doesn't much care to learn about it or even be willing to listen to anyone trying to inform him. .. That's why he is so dangerous as president
Retira Tion (6 days ago)
What about Kiribati?
DiabeticLifeChoices (6 days ago)
You're wrong about NZ. We're a globalist country. We're set up with 5G to microwave us. 5G is the silent weapon for WW3
Yoongz (7 days ago)
*Nah who cares? We'll die anyway*
Eric Roehl (7 days ago)
Don't think the island's will survive the blasts & tsunamis
Ciarán Ryan (7 days ago)
Ireland, you're grand. With an endless supply of beer and the ability to kick out even the most powerful of Empires, I know where I'll be holding up :-)
Lucas Gaumond (8 days ago)
Where is Canada??😭😭😭
Anthovince Kong (9 days ago)
其实各国在论军事强弹重炮空霸毒武 是真真的在浪费集中力 稍微想一想在今时今日的科技即使发动第三次大战 也绝对会回复复古式的刀枪时代武器. 一切关于有电波电源辐射摩擦发动器 全都会开不了,发不了,射不了. 即使任何一国得到特技能启动 也会被大部分人称呼所谓的外星人(神佛) 压制了. 因为牠们的目的就是不能让地球毁.
Truth Faith (9 days ago)
Stupid GOD is in CONTROL of the UNIVERSE. No HUMAN can run from HIM
Sunny Shuhia (9 days ago)
Many of this countrys are not good enough.what about tsunamis by A-Bombs?
chris cole (9 days ago)
the only people looking to survive gods wrath is satans people
Angel Gutierrez (9 days ago)
I completely forgot that new Zeeland exited
Melvin Tindal (10 days ago)
Italy will invade Malta. Mu§I!m§ have started to invade Ireland who said Welcome, just as Germany did. 🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🙈🙉🙊🌼🌸☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Melvin Tindal (10 days ago)
Mu§I!m§ have already started to invade Newzeland.🙉🙈🙊🕳
Ch N (10 days ago)
these countries need to be able to feed themselves and have clean water preferably from aquifer source ... they need to be able to dig in and only areas in the southern hemisphere can do this. You miss out Australia as a total nation with nuclear targets such as US Pine Gap .... it is true however that wealthy will scramble for safe havens and definitely Australia is in a better position to be able to prevent over crowding if it politically employs sovereignty. There is no point in China nor Russia laying waste to Australia as it would be a spoil of war for its resources and food production
wu ming (11 days ago)
Who would want to survive a nuclear winter? I think most people would rather be at ground zero.
Chetvik sharma (13 days ago)
nice content
Joseph Armesin (13 days ago)
No one will survive. This is the last worldwar. The new earth will born.
Rhysa's Room (16 days ago)
Is Arizona safe?..😣😣
Mukel Diaz (17 days ago)
Whos here after heating tensions rise as Russia - Ukraine may start WW3 tom.. Or anytime now?
MYJ TV (17 days ago)
The safest place if third war occur is to hide in a septic tank where all human shit are kept no idiots will want to bomb that place lol
I think south African countries should also be on this list since they're far from white supremacy and barely get any assistance from USA,china,ussr
Unfinished Business (17 days ago)
so should we just move to countries that are bordered by mountains or isolated from any other? NP
Ben Button (17 days ago)
Safest countries none tidal waves would cover a lot of the land if it hit near the ocean underground in a well build bunker would be the best bet or in Mars or outerspace the issue needs to be increased and given more better reasorces to substane life
Anup Mishra (18 days ago)
What about the nuclear winter and radiations
theresa sasi (18 days ago)
Who is watching this video 2018?
Steve Morgan (18 days ago)
Daniel Kolbin Series (18 days ago)
Not america
Jadwiga Buczyk (19 days ago)
Stop talking about war . Talk about Peace and Healthy Life you Idiot ! Go to Hell Provocater!
wherever Indian ORGANIZED MURDERER businessman group and KALANITHIMARAN investment seems profitable those business places are safest place in the world during WW3 or any WAR but don't stay in places KALANITHIMARAN and INDIAN Businessman looking for demolition and renovation of building due to Indians may use WAR to demolition purposes to renovate it in future
Kid Vanessa (22 days ago)
Yay Fiji and New Zealand. Sorry Australia
Kam Mis (23 days ago)
radiation does not know what is the border of the country ....
Bluue Charky (23 days ago)
I would head to Antarctica, there is a rule or something where no country can nuke or harm Antarctica, plus there are reachers there if an get food. :D
MorningStar TM (23 days ago)
Who would nuke Bangladesh ? 😑we didn't harm anyone why we not safe ? 😂
Matthew Mark (24 days ago)
Bula....This is Joe from the beautiful Fiji Islands.
tankhunter D (24 days ago)
anywhere in southern hemisphere is better than northern h........
Jay Sanity (25 days ago)
A-accept that you are a sinner B-believe on the name of Jesus Christ C-call upon the name of the Lord or confess your sins to the Lord Only Jesus Christ saves
Gaming tv Bruh (26 days ago)
Real Truth (28 days ago)
U.S. will Nuke by Russia of their UNDETECTABLE Messile(R-36M)
꧁NoMERCYCayel-x꧂ (29 days ago)
Did you forget? The explosion can cause shockwave from lots of Radius
Tesla Gamer (1 month ago)
New Zealand should be number 5 tied with Iceland, Iceland is Ranked 1st in the peace index tied with New Zealand. Wait WHAT IS MEDITERRANEAN OCEAN. Ireland on number 2 and is a neighbor of the UK... BTW Northern Ireland is part of UK and the Uk might get nuked, how will Ireland not be nuked its right next to the UK Fiji during WWIII: Fiji: AHHHHHHHHHH, America PLZ HELP ME, IM FLOODING... America: sorry, I'm in this war *Fiji floods*
splattenburgers (1 month ago)
Iceland would not be save it would be cut from trade because everybody else would be dead so basically 90% of the population would starve to death.
But who will start ww3
Charles Ampoe Jacks (1 month ago)
so no African country is safe... God have mercy on us
CJ 306 (1 month ago)
Migrants and invasive forces can still pose a threat , unfortunately any and every country would be affected regardless
Lal Shrestha (1 month ago)
Promises of Lord Jesus 3rd world war will Happen soon soon soon soon soon
Puzzled Cow (1 month ago)
If WWIII broke out the ANZACS witch are Australia AND New Zealand would be at WAR.
Sara Maric (1 month ago)
Welp..I'm screwd
Yummy Shop (1 month ago)
It is predicted by a Muslim cleric Shah Naimat ullah wali (1150) that the western Englishtan (USA) will be Annihilated from earth by Ra (Russia) in a such extent that even a single dot of it will not be found. Only will be found at history book as the evil nation. He also added that he saw huge smoke in east and west and winter and the world with almost no crops for two years, which means nuclear war.
MrT-roy (1 month ago)
If nukes start to fly , I'm hoping one lands in my front yard.
Kevin Sande (1 month ago)
Where will be African countries when all these will be happening... We are neither dangerous nor safe
smart cat (1 month ago)
What about my country Philllipines
SonicChip 1245 (1 month ago)
Most of these countries are bullcrap if they are the safest countries and the countries that are good are ain’t on here so we all got clickbaited The end :D
Gavan Schultz (1 month ago)
So proud to be Irish right now
kenneth wilson (1 month ago)
Mountain wont stop multiple air burst bombs. They all dont hit the ground. You would still cook like a Christmas goose. Not to mention climate change from that many bombs. And the sun blocked out.
kenneth wilson (1 month ago)
Antarctica Lol
kenneth wilson (1 month ago)
If? You mean when
Alfred Hayford (1 month ago)
You mean Africa, that isn't part of all this war nonsense and posses no threat to any country will be wiped out by some big nation right??
KieronKN TV (1 month ago)
Oh well, time to pack my bags
yankuba bojang (1 month ago)
Why no African countries like Gambia And Ghana
Danny Boy (1 month ago)
Wow i am shocked you mentoined malta because some other videos like these never mentioned malta and wow i diddn't knkw malta is that safe, but it's true why waste a bomb on a small island
DJAwesomeFunV2 (1 month ago)
phantom (1 month ago)
You frightened Detroit
Eric Reif (1 month ago)
We're all dead ducks.
Otto Günsche (1 month ago)
That's it Imma go to Jupiter
GODDEVA (1 month ago)
When. WW3 official break out no one will be safe.
John Reremoana (1 month ago)
No countries are practically safe from a nuclear war disaster, because of all the nuclear radiation aftermath (pollution) that will probably spread around the whole planet.
Еmira Maznikar (1 month ago)
I'm in Macedonian
wajih exploring :3 (1 month ago)
You forgot Tunisia.
유유 Zwootie (1 month ago)
Ireland is the most safest, it's not in NATO doesn't declare wars to the Middle East.
FUCK YOU (1 month ago)
Switzerland will be center of the war.
We will pray for protection against the evil that is about to engulf the world. He answers pure prayers.
Robert bishop (1 month ago)
If nukes are used I'm not sure anyone is safe from nuclear fallout and nuclear winter's.
Fiek Piek (1 month ago)
Whitout zionists there wil never be a world war believe me
토리YT (1 month ago)
Its better if it doesnt happen
Frederick (1 month ago)
Rome,Italy Guarded By Russian KGB
Dan Angeles (1 month ago)
Glad to hear people finally starting to admit large nations such as the US and Russia invade countries for resources and not “to fight for freedom”.
ivooo20 (1 month ago)
Why is not Bosnia on the list? USA and EU guarantee its peace.
svarogbg (1 month ago)
there wil be no safe place on earth if nuclear weapons are used. radiation and nuclear winter will wipe all life on earth. do not fool yourself. preppers will last a while longer and thats it.
Alpha wolf 655 (1 month ago)
Well better get my passport ready, Fire is coming
Ivo Sklenařík (1 month ago)
Caroline Stetten (1 month ago)
Africa is the future
WW3 will cause a nuclear winter so long that it will likely wipe out most of the world's living. This list is, therefore, useless.
Arkadiusz Jan Dylewski (1 month ago)
NONE of these nations are safe from the world war 3 impact NONE!!! Nuclear winter will cause mass starvation especially on tiny islands. So you are correct!
Ninjagone smith (1 month ago)
please the U.S is safe we have the biggest army and Navy we have figerpower 😎😃😄 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Linda Roy (2 months ago)
Ridiculous video: if ww3 happens, no country is safe
k bay (2 months ago)
am i the only one who is sad that australia is not said😂😂
Ringa Fullman (2 months ago)
Tuvalu will be underwater before WW3
Travel Channel (2 months ago)
4:28 A Mediterranean Ocean?? Lolz
HAPPY walek (2 months ago)
I. Think. Poland and. Iceland safe
axks gwatiringa (2 months ago)
chile!! for real?
easy snipe (2 months ago)
None of this is true tf kind of nonsense is this seriously no1 would be safe

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