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HOW TO: Install LED Turn Signal Inserts - Harley Iron 883

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HOW TO Install LED Turn Signal Inserts on the Harley Sporster! ________ Product used: Custom Dynamics LED Turn Signal Inserts: ► http://amzn.to/2kTvsQv Smoke Turn Signal Lens: ► http://amzn.to/2kgQ43a LED Headlight: ► http://amzn.to/2xjhg9z Black Latex Disposable Nitrile Gloves: ►http://amzn.to/2kDKQCh Amazon Blockhead Page: ► https://www.Amazon.com/Shop/Blockhead ________ Ms. Blockhead (aka: Ms. Santa!) was awesome enough to buy me some motorcycle parts for Christmas! One of those parts; LED Turn Signal Inserts for the Harley Iron 883! I've had this on my wish list for a bit, so it's awesome that she got these for me as a gift! She said that it's a "matter of safety," b/c I can see better and other people can see me better. Hey, I'm not arguing with that logic, truth! In this How To, I walk through this super easy install. It's SO easy, that I randomly pulled over in a parking garage and installed them. Kinda weird probably right? But hey, it looks industrial AF in there and it's a welcome change from the garage. The install took all of about 10 minutes, and the hardest part was removing the amber lenses (which you can see if very easy.) Thanks for watching, and I hope it helps some of you out there that are possibly considering installing LED Turn Signal inserts! Ride safe out there! ________ ► Subscribe! - http://bit.ly/BlokHdYTSub SOCIAL: ► Instagram - http://bit.ly/BlokHdInstagram ► Facebook - http://bit.ly/BlokHdFacebook ► Twitter - http://bit.ly/BlokHdTwitter ________ *DISCLAIMER: This is only a guide, and not meant to be taken as the only means of completing this job. I assume no responsibility and am not responsible or liable, directly nor indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such Content, site or resource.
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Text Comments (121)
Tú Anh (26 days ago)
does it change the Yellow color? i think i want to change it's, from the yellow one to the same color of the led. Can it?
Len Kleinschmidt (28 days ago)
Halogen bulbs are the ones that will burn out sooner if you get hand oil on them NOT LED
Brian Thomson (1 month ago)
Did you have to put in load resistors
D.J. Singh (1 month ago)
What sought of modification is needed to make turn signals to be day running so that if i turn on ignition, both front turn signals along with headlight should come up.
Astonesq V (2 months ago)
Quick question: are the self-cancelling signals affected by the LED install?
Robert Smith (3 months ago)
Got the same thing lights And mine DID NOT GO ON TH AS T EASY AT ALL! Had to use a flat screwdriver n push the factory rubber gaskets in the turn signals back as far as they'd go before the covers would fully go on .never say or think OH IT'LL BE A PIECE OF CAKE ...
Robert Brunston (3 months ago)
Super easy looks cool!
luke cotterell (3 months ago)
Hey blockhead, have a iron 883 2016, the turn signals are not day time running standard, as in there only indicators. will this convert them to be day time running? Awesome channel btw!
SlackerStacker (5 months ago)
Thank you for making this, it really helped!
mark Stick (5 months ago)
Just bought a sporty. Gotta have these
Edgar Figueroa (6 months ago)
Awesomeness! Thanks!
cmattos1760 (6 months ago)
I was the 883rd like. Assssaaaaaaadu.
ImBigTeets (8 months ago)
Hey blockhead, do you know if these will fit on a 2011 Harley Forty Eight? Get back to me if you can thanks!
BLOCKHEAD (8 months ago)
The 48's a great bike! Glad the channel has helped, appreciate the kind words and support! :)
ImBigTeets (8 months ago)
Thanks man, really appreciate it. You actually inspired me to get a Harley. I'm getting the Forty Eight here not to long from now hopefully! Keep it up with the great video content!
BLOCKHEAD (8 months ago)
Yes they will 👍🏼
ERICK Valiente (8 months ago)
Whats up, can anyone tell how can i order those led lights pls!!
ERICK Valiente (7 months ago)
BLOCKHEAD Thanks so much . Just got my led turnsignals was wondering what headlights would match in terms of brightness
BLOCKHEAD (8 months ago)
Link in description 👍🏼
ibew4life (8 months ago)
Installed these today on my sportster 72, did you have any problem getting the lenses to snap in after installing the leds? my smoked lenses seem to stick out a bit on one side and dont go in flush.
- Mazzini - (10 months ago)
man, those leds look realy nice! Do you know if they fit on Forty Eight stock turn signals? How big are they (dimensions)?
Steven Veys (9 months ago)
They dont fit in a European 48 :( I tried it yesterday :(
- Mazzini - (10 months ago)
thanks man
BLOCKHEAD (10 months ago)
Yup, they'll fit the 48 signals, just installed some on our 48!
Christopher Mientus (10 months ago)
I had these added to my 883 Iron too.  Can't wait to drop the mirrors and replace the stock seat...it sucks!
Brody (10 months ago)
thanks for the info on the headlight and turn signals. Just put mine on over the weekend. Nice upgrade. Easy to install.
david corredor (10 months ago)
Man great video , I just have one question, How did you install the turn signals right under the bar ?
victor vazquez (11 months ago)
Pre-can bus models need a load equalizer, this might be the reason why your system is not working properly do some research. Let me know how this turns out for you I believe 2007 and Up harley models, I have seen on Custom Dynamics statements, also YouTube check your haley davidson company also if needed.
victor vazquez (11 months ago)
Did you check if you need to install a load equalizer
Half Dog (11 months ago)
Can I run the yellow headlight cap with the new LEDs? Will it make a difference?
Joseph Gallacher (1 year ago)
Hey Blockhead, Firstly I love your blogs.... but I have a problem with my custom dynamic front dual blinkers which I purchased from Amazon US . On the product description/ picture it shows the connecting ends have 1 pin ( which is what my 2017 883 front bullet insert has) and when they arrived in Australia after waiting patiently for 3 weeks they have 2 pins and after several attempt they won’t twist into place...any suggestions 🤙🏻
ryan heater (1 year ago)
I clicked on the light description on your link and on Amazon the light says it's only a single white ring around the yellow ring but in your video the white light looks like all the LEDs are white and then all the LEDs turn yellow so is there a difference between the lights cuz I want to buy these but I want them to look solid not cheap
ryan heater (1 year ago)
BLOCKHEAD ok I'll take ur advise and get them. I had to show ur video to my wife to convince her to get them for Xmas. Keep up the awesome videos, definitely more how to's. Great job all around, thank you for making them!
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
It's only a singe white ring around the yellow, that's correct. You can't see that it's just a single ring b/c they're so bright, even in person. Doesn't look cheap at all.
BattleBorn Caz (1 year ago)
Great videos. Thanks!
Wil Burton (1 year ago)
Henno408 (1 year ago)
Would these work on a uk Iron??? My turn signals are just that not running lights Might need to update the wiring
ming xing (1 year ago)
Black Retro Motorcycle Turn Signals Bullet Blinker Amber Indicator Light : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232439819285 Fit for Harley Dirt Bike Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki ATV KTM Aprilla BMW Ducati Triumph MV Agusta Bimota Buell Moto Guzzi, etc... Feature: Great quality with good material. It is durable and convenient. Stylish Bullet shape. Makes your motorcycle eye-catching in the street. Installed in vehicle body front and back and provided guarantee for traffic safety. Easy to install.
xbx2207 (1 year ago)
My iron 883 is 2016 and it has a different kind of lights 1156 type not the same as yours 1157 type I don't know will it work and fit? Or the light housing can fit both types?
Barry McArthur (1 year ago)
Cool as F*** I too (bit late for that comment) am now a proud owner of an 883! Love your Low Rider S !  In the comments you said that your Indicators are always on, is this a setting thing that you did? as here in Germany they are not and J&P Cycles told me that in the USA they are not always on, hope you can shed some light on this Q?
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
+Barry McArthur The amber DRL's are always on in the front stock, and for the custom dynamic switchback LED's, not a setting I changed. Just plugged em in and that's how they work.
Chris Burgos (1 year ago)
Did you need to use a load equalizer for those led's inserts?
Chris Burgos (1 year ago)
Add to my question, if you do all 4 corners led inserts on a 2013 sportster forty eight will I need a load equalizer?
Hugob13 (1 year ago)
Thanks for all the tutorials 👍
Piotr Jędrzejewski (1 year ago)
hi, i have a sportster from 2003. This turn signals will be fit to my model? I have a normal bulb 12v nothing more. can you help me? :)
Piotr Jędrzejewski (1 year ago)
i have the same question about daymaker :)
capixaba NYC (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip, and that is my next project. It is cool in your bike.
Stefano De Prophetis (1 year ago)
Does these work on Dyna Street Bob too? Same amazon links? Nice video man...
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
+Stefano De Prophetis I believe so, so long as the light is the same size. Just had 2 friends that ride Dynas install this on theirs and works.
Josh Lloyd (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure the only bulbs that will burn out from finger oils are halogen. Regular incandescent and LED don't get hot enough, nor are they as sensitive.
Josh Lloyd (1 year ago)
Well it looks cool either way. 😜 I am a locksmith, & after I watched that series on Netflix called Dexter, I started carrying a pair of gloves in my pocket. Lasted about a week. Haha
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Yeah you're right for sure! I just wear them for good measure, plus keeps the grease off my hands from removing the stock bulbs :)
Robin Pilz (1 year ago)
hey, do you get a can-bus error with this or is it 100% compatible? i"m new in all this harley stuff so i"m asking.. :) thanks for all your helpful videos man!! also bought a sportster 883 two weeks ago
Sergeant D (1 year ago)
What's the fix if you do get the can bus error light? I have a red led strip connected to my brake lights. Worried if I connect this LED light as well if it will trigger this error.
Robin Pilz (1 year ago)
thanks dude!
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
No can-bus error if you only do the fronts. If you do the rears LED as well, then you get a CEL on the gauge (little red key light.)
BlueNordicMoto (1 year ago)
"Make sure it works, HOLY SHIT it works." hahahaha LEL.
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
lol, always a good feeling
sujal v sunil (1 year ago)
hey motohead can i use this led on royal enfield
rory olson (4 months ago)
I believe if yours are 1157's you'll be fine. 1156s are the rears on Harleys.
sujal v sunil (1 year ago)
BLOCKHEAD tnx motohead
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
I meant... if I were YOU, I'd call the company to ask. So... you should and ask, lol.
sujal v sunil (1 year ago)
tnx motohead pls ask them so that i can buy a pair for my royal enfield
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Not sure! I'd call the company and ask for clarification. If these don't work, they might have something for you that will :)
Matt Brown (1 year ago)
Loving the LED upgrades.
John Davis (1 year ago)
Damn, 3 headlights! lol
Geoff Buchanan (1 year ago)
hey man, first of all, nice vids! do the 3 ''headlights'' stay on all the time, or do the white leds come on only when you have high beams on? Cheers
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Gotta be seen! :D
ConditionRed (1 year ago)
Hey I tried to do these for the rear and now I get no power back there. All fuses are good as well
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
+ConditionRed Same company and LEDs? Not sure, should be getting power if you didn't mess with any of the wiring and it was straight plug and play.
Ernie (1 year ago)
I want these exact lights,but will I need a load equalizer if I just do my front turn signals with these? I have an 08 XL1200C thanks for any info
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Nope, I don't have a load equalizer and I only have my fronts done. No hyper flash, so should be all good. Best of luck!
Nelson Sanchez (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video's I am a new HD rider. I'm still getting use to ride in the streets I use to ride dirt bike and I still ride mountain bike but riding a HD is So different at least to me. Thanks again and be safe. 🤘🏼
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Yeah much different than off road bikes, but you slowly get acclimated to it. Ride safe out there!
Edgar Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Do they stay on all the time?
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
When the bike is on, they're on, yes. Just like your OEM running / indicator lights.
DeMonte' Lackey (1 year ago)
Yo, are you going to get the rear LED's? I bought the front LED's just cause of the super easy install video. Good shit man!
Marv Sands (1 year ago)
DeMonte' Lackey they look very bright..I'm going to order the rear also
Marv Sands (1 year ago)
DeMonte' thank you
DeMonte' Lackey (1 year ago)
Marv sands the brand I have is Custom Dynamics. Easy install. I purchased mine off Amazon. They will fit a street glide.
Marv Sands (1 year ago)
DeMonte' Lackey what was the brand you installed. .I have a 2014 street glide special..I like these some only shows a outer ring when they're lit up
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Yeah man I had to go smaller with the rears, the current tail lights that are there stick out too much for my taste, and they look like little rocket boosters, haha. Thanks for the kind words man, ride safe!
Charl van wyk (1 year ago)
Got the same hd as you bud .like the tips and tricks .use it alot and led signals are next for me
Ricky Jimenez0311 (1 year ago)
Did u not get the hyper flash with adding the LED's ? I had to add 2 resistors
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
It started to at first but remedied itself. Not sure why, maybe had something to do w/ leaving the hazards on for a minute *shrug*
ThisIsGil (1 year ago)
Dude!! Awesome!!! If you ever in the NoVA area and need another Iron BLOCKHEAD to ride with... let me know lol
Michael Uresti (1 year ago)
looks real nice, I wasn't sure how they would look on my iron, I need to real get those...
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Glad you like!
MrFranco431 (1 year ago)
crap, I ordered 1156 for my 2012 iron by mistake 😐 I hope I can make them work when they show up 🙏
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Nice man, that's awesome, glad they were able to change it for you before sending out!
MrFranco431 (1 year ago)
The customer service at the eBay Store was able to change my order to W1157 at the very last minute so all good. Thanks blockhead luv the vids man helping me out tons with all the things I want to do to my iron. Cheers bruh !
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Not sure if they will or won't, here's hoping. Best of luck!
Doubledge007 (1 year ago)
Nice. Was looking at those. Didn't realize it was that easy to change. Looks good.
Doubledge007 (1 year ago)
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Very easy to install. So easy... you could do it in 5 mins, in a parking garage with no tools, haha
TRIB (1 year ago)
They cost around £300 in the UK... Criminal! Love your work though!
TRIB (1 year ago)
BLOCKHEAD yep, that's off amazon. I can't show a screen shot of the craziness!
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Damn, what?! I got them off Amazon, check link in description. They're 300 GBP there even though Amazon uk?
Into The Wild (1 year ago)
Cool video, I really like that headlight cover!
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Villvus JD (1 year ago)
That's fire dog
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
¡El feugo!
Andy Herrera (1 year ago)
These are sick!
OCR_MIG ! (1 year ago)
Damn, those look nice and bright!
626nla (1 year ago)
Looksssss goood bro!.... I actually did the rear first because i wanted to make sure people can see the bright AF LED lights when im at a light (hopefully they do)..... I got the front too but waiting to get an LED headlight..... Also need a load equalizer for all LEDs to work properly if im not mistaking...... Hopefully you do as well so we can see a DIY on that lol...... Bike is looking awesome!!!
Wartybubble (1 year ago)
found a link that may help with the question http://www.customdynamics.com/led_motorcycle_lighting_faqs.htm
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
Hmm, interesting. Well heck, if I don't have to add the load eq's on it, that's awesome! I'm no electrician, but here's hoping they don't need it! :)
Wartybubble (1 year ago)
no they take the same voltage but hey I could be wrong either way do the homework on it
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
I thought that's why you needed a load equalizer, b/c the LED's are getting too much, hence why they blink faster?
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
I've heard you do need a load equalizer. Actually I think +Bike N' Bird has LEDs in front and rear, as in his videos, his lights blink pretty fast. Would that be better for people seeing you, if the light is blinking faster? Not sure, haha. But yeah, if it requires a load equalizer, which I've read it does to slow the blinking down, then I'll make a How To on it! :)
LeoLondon (1 year ago)
Now you're going to have to reshoot the outro haha. Loving the vids man, keep em coming.
BLOCKHEAD (1 year ago)
lol, totally thought the same thing! But I've got the new lights installed, have drag bars and new grips setting on my desk, and new tail lights coming next week. SO... gonna hold off on the re-recording for now, but soon, haha
nastynas (1 year ago)
thanks blockhead keep these mods coming

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