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$30 000 Demo Forex trading competition. 42 Cash prizes. Free Entry. ANY Broker account. No Risk

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Expert4x regularly has forex trading competitions with amazing prizes. Watch this video for more details on how you can participate. https://www.expert4x.com/14-forex-trading-competitions-with-30-000-in-prizes/ https://www.expert4x.com/
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pietje keesje (5 days ago)
Can I enter the competition with my own developed ea?
pietje keesje (16 hours ago)
+Expert4x it could be a competition without pricemoney to set things apart, still good promotion for your products
Expert4x (4 days ago)
pietje keesje, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Unfortunately the competition is only for Expert4x EAs. Regards Alex
CEM FX (17 days ago)
can I enter my own EA in this competition to win the cash prizes? 08:43 LOL you upset the dog
Expert4x (17 days ago)
Hi CEM FX , Thanks very much for your for your question. Unfortunately this competition is only for the 14 Expert4x EAs Hope this helps you CEM FX, All the best Alex
lenard lontoc (18 days ago)
If we have full time jobs, is the competition based on most money made, or the most money relative to number of transactions? Can you answer this please?
Expert4x (18 days ago)
Hi lenard lontoc , Thanks very much for your for your question. Your job does not play a role as the results are created by automated Forex robots. The winner is the trader with the most money using a $10 000 demo account. Hope this helps you lenard lontoc, All the best Alex

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