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4G LTE only mode on huawei phone using setting database editor

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- download setting dtabase in playstore - open the app, open system, find hw_networkmode_prefference..original Code 9,3,2,1...change to 9,3,2,1,11.. - save changes, & restart phone..
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Text Comments (130)
salman saifi music (15 hours ago)
Mere se ye delete ho gya edit ki jga
Una Juna (22 days ago)
Sya tda bisa bang. Hpku huawei gr 3. Solusix dong
aryeff ishak (25 days ago)
hi sir how to force selected band LTE using this app
muhammad fakih (1 month ago)
Salam...sy cuba cari di honor note 10 china rom ngak bisa setting dlm database ngak ada prefere netwok mcm tu...
John Paul Indaya (1 month ago)
Thanks bro! Its work to my huawei y6 pro
Esun Kun (1 month ago)
How? Mine nothing happens?
Septian Ade Putra (1 month ago)
not worked at honor 8A 😥😥
Nanda Ayn (1 month ago)
Please gimme how to delete it
tariq khan (2 months ago)
Bro this is not workinv on Nova 3. Any suggestions plz
Rafiullah Rahi (3 months ago)
How work huawei y9
EXTRACTOR LEO (3 months ago)
4g lte only for huawei mate 20 pro.. Plse subcribe tq 😉https://youtu.be/USfGdKvPiiQ
Mr A Traveler (4 months ago)
It is not work with Android 9
MrPlayDay (4 months ago)
Doesn't work
Mr PukhToON (5 months ago)
its working but when i use only LTE mode i face call problem...
Pain Gila (2 months ago)
TECH MATE (5 months ago)
How to force volte only
Mohammad (5 months ago)
thanks a lot. its work prefect. if have 3g and 4g both,, that's will more amazing. because i using my sim for calls also
Movies link (5 months ago)
Phir se pahle jaisa kaise kare... Please bata do.
bBoY IChIGo (6 months ago)
Honor play working!!! Damn u save my life. And this setting work on other android phone also. Thank you so much
Noor TV (6 months ago)
Nice it works on y7 prime 2018
Noor TV (6 months ago)
Rizwan Ali (6 months ago)
My phone also y7 prime 2018
Rizwan Ali (6 months ago)
Please contact 8129682582
Rizwan Ali (6 months ago)
Are you sure
How did you know what number to put
sMaRtGilleR36 (7 months ago)
tengs bro, lama dah cari cara nak lock 4g band dkt phone huawei
Faisal Gori (7 months ago)
Is app se mobile volte kese banaye
sharaz shaydin (7 months ago)
How to use the new version of this app?
Madhuri Dhake (8 months ago)
Please send the video how to close this settings
Iskandar MohdNor (8 months ago)
how about lte/wcdma only mode? please help
Syamill Mokhtar (8 months ago)
How about huawei m3 mediapad lite? I've tried but the result is still the same.. I've restart my phone also
BearuanG (8 months ago)
Thanks bro. Worked on my Nova 2 lite. Liked
Rosey White (8 months ago)
Doesnt work for me, I'm using Huawei y5 -2017
Ankit Aggarwal (8 months ago)
Thank you so much brother ❤️
pranesh kp (8 months ago)
"Hw network mode preference" not show n this app it is fake
Rafał Kąkolewski (8 months ago)
Does not work in huawei P9 lite 2016 :/ Suggestions?
Pain Gila (2 months ago)
Im also using the same phone model as you but it does worked on my phone.
Ssnaydher Kun (6 months ago)
Rafał Kąkolewski I do not know what to do, I have the same phone
Sekar Mech (8 months ago)
How converting 2G sim to 4G sim? It's possible.?
jaikko noynay (8 months ago)
how to reverse the settings back cant find the networkmode_preferences after checking my database editor..i already activate the 4G,,bad english
jaikko noynay (8 months ago)
will the factory data reset work?
Madhuri Dhake (8 months ago)
How to off this setting please send video
Ravindu Eranda (9 months ago)
Bro it worked in huawei y9 2018... Any code for 4g/3g only mode with call support... please tell me..
Mohamed Mak (1 month ago)
9,3,2,1,11,12 For 3g/4g only Restart ur device after... Delete 11,12 to back to the regular setting network mode
Pain Gila (2 months ago)
Yup having the same problem . I can't fucking receive an incoming call or even make a call when im using LTE only . When someone try to call me or i try to call someone . It will be directly to the voicemail . I need to change to regular network mode when i need to make a call . Im using this "LTE only" mode only when i want to play games. I would be grateful if someone could show the solution of this Major problem.
Rizwan Ali (6 months ago)
How bro
Rahul Chauhan (9 months ago)
Thank u very much bro.. U finally did it.. I searched for this but didn't find.. Now there is an option for 4g lte in my honor 7x settings.. Thank u again..
what if i factory reset my phone then this trick still on? it'll damage my phone?
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Your phone will be ok.
Manindranaidumuthyala (9 months ago)
sunikanta leishangthem (9 months ago)
that option is unavailable to me broo
Röyãl CK (9 months ago)
Please help.. I need LTE/WCDMA mode only in my Honor 6x.
Mohamed Mak (1 month ago)
How to back to regular mode ?
Röyãl CK (9 months ago)
Thank you so much bro.. it works!!
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Röyãl CK try put this code 9,3,2,1,11,12
hye. i uninstall the setting database then, i cannot open my mobile network. try install to setting back and search network data preference , i couldn't found it. is there any solution besides to apply the factory data reset?
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
puteri chank the only way is to factory data reset.
Gea Lynnel Peñaroyo (9 months ago)
Why the network mode preference doesnt apear in my honor 9
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Gea Lynnel Peñaroyo try using this metod. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-10/help/force-4g-connectivity-t3734092/page2
GoAndSeeMany Family (10 months ago)
Hi i cant find "the network mode preference" when using Huawei P20 PRO
John Paul Indaya (1 month ago)
Click add settings and type manually "hw_networkmode_preference" Next step. settings value type 9,3,2,1,11
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Katrina Go try using this method. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-10/help/force-4g-connectivity-t3734092/page2
Jaiwin win (10 months ago)
Its work ... But call function is not working ... I cant get any calls ... Also cant make call to someone ... Why ?
shakur khamis what if I factory data reset my phone and this funtion still?
A ghost? (9 months ago)
Hey bro, this tutorial works but after i uninstalled it my preferred network types has so many options including global and when i reinstalled it back i cant find the "hw_networkmode_preference" help?
Aslam Oxy (9 months ago)
Jaiwin win me two
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Park Jihyo's Future Husband its will work.
but if you back at Lte,cwdma,gsm call still works or not?
Sexy Abiz Channel (10 months ago)
How to setting LTE only on LG G4 h810 at&t single sim,, please help me ??????
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Try serch for 4G lte only apps on playstore.
agil risnanda (10 months ago)
how to set up LTE/GSM ? i need GSM for call and saving battery use than WCDMA
Type 12 not 11
Nez Ni (11 months ago)
Lord Bardock (11 months ago)
Bro will it work on my y5 2017?
Aslam Oxy (9 months ago)
Legendary AF yes,
Suhaibkhan Suhaib (11 months ago)
I dont know how to say thankyou, i am just watching it again and again, besides my problem is already solved.
Suhaibkhan Suhaib (11 months ago)
Thanks bro.... U saved my day.. God bless you
Pst Patrick Fire (11 months ago)
Hey how do I make it work on Huawei mate 8
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Classic Zambian Worship try follow this method. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-10/help/force-4g-connectivity-t3734092/page2
Mario (11 months ago)
Adding 11 on honor 6x doesn't work. 12 is 4G/3G. Only 4G?
Mohamed Mak (1 month ago)
11 work for me in gr5 2017 bro
Sukumar Roy (11 months ago)
shakur khamis (11 months ago)
Sukumar Roy what link you wants.?
Russell Remolana (11 months ago)
Do we have settinga for LTE/WCDMA?
Shibily kp (9 months ago)
shakur khamis value for LTE/GSM??
shakur khamis (11 months ago)
Put the velue number 9,3,2,1,11,12
Bikash N (1 year ago)
How to revert it back again
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Bikash N just put the origanal code again and restart your phone. Donot delate the setting.
Mohamad Nazri (1 year ago)
I cannot find hw preference network from huawei p10 atl00..can someone help me??? Very dispointed because only 2G in my region..
Sunil Singh Ujjwal (1 year ago)
A huge like bro.. you did it.. thanks a lot. Tried it on Honor 8 Pro and it works. Thanks again bro. 👍👍👍.
aryeff ishak (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot finally my huawei mate 8 have LTE only.
King David (9 months ago)
i have the Nova 3i and i can't get LTE on T-Mobile… any help at all ????
iAmLeyend4 (1 year ago)
how can select 4g+?
KURT Erap (1 year ago)
Only for nova2i ?
kratos (1 year ago)
can i use it in oneplus 5?
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
Kratos try use app from playstore. Try serch 4G lte only apps. I dont know if this trick can use on One plus.
Philippecr (1 year ago)
My Telco supports VoLTE calls, but once I enable LTE only mode, it doesn't connect to VoLTE.
Philippecr (1 year ago)
shakur khamis and hi fellow Malaysian. 🖐️
Philippecr (1 year ago)
shakur khamis mine does, and my area does. Lol. But problem is once I enabled LTE only mode, it doesn't work.
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
Not all LTE line support VoLTE... like me in Malaysia not all area support VoLTE even my telco suport VoLTE. Its depend on you telco upgrading their lte system.
Mansour Al-Haddad (1 year ago)
Hi , i deleted the setting by mistake .. Network data doesn't work .. Solution anyone ??i have a Mate 8
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
Mansour Al-Haddad try to write the setting back. If not work... factory reset.
Agil Krishna (1 year ago)
Please help...... LTE only is working but i cant make call when lte only mode is on... What can i do...?? Is possible to enable LTE/WCDMA only mode
Agil Krishna (2 months ago)
+Pain Gila its working.
Pain Gila (2 months ago)
+Agil Krishna seriously? Does it work? If it's working please do let me know . Im going to try if it's really working out.
Lord Bardock (11 months ago)
Agil Krishna 12 on the last?
Agil Krishna (1 year ago)
shakur khamis LTE/WCDMA value number is 12.i got it.
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
I read on facebook group.they delete hw_networkmode_preference settings on database editor and restart phone.
Syahrul Mughnie (1 year ago)
No root?
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Syahrul Mugni Zul try using 4Glte only app download from playstore.
Syahrul Mughnie (1 year ago)
shakur khamis Thanks sir,How to setting LTE Only on Oppo A37?
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
Syahrul Mugni Zul yes no root. Just using setting database editor download from playstore.
I Incine (1 year ago)
Thanks a bunch, bro! You're a life saver! May God grants you prosperity in life!
Can I hide the status bar?
if you want a recorder dowload scr pro
Search king root
shakur khamis (1 year ago)
bruno filipe aleixo Aleixo for now the only option to hide status is to root your phone... you can serch in xda devoleper forem.
Amsyar Izzuddin (1 year ago)
it work.. thanks dude. u rock
Amsyar Izzuddin (1 year ago)
so what else it can do? can it change carrier name in the status bar?
jaime payares (1 year ago)
are you sure it works? i try to do it but it doesn´t work. help
shakur khamis (9 months ago)
Hazim Cali (9 months ago)
UlTiMaTeD3ViL in my Case (Phone is p9 lite) that line "hw_add_4g..." Allready there, bir with the Code 250 for russia. I only changed those 3 Digits and its also working for me now. Thanks much
Enigma (11 months ago)
UlTiMaTeD3ViL my country is not there please help
jaime payares (1 year ago)
yes it works thank you
Aigar Lusti (1 year ago)
UlTiMaTeD3ViL You rock! This bit of information helped so much.

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