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How to Replace Turn Signal Lenses and Install Custom Bullet Style Lenses

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We show you how to remove and install bullet turn signal lenses on a Harley-Davidson. This is an easy installation that you can do at home with a screw driver and your hands. Adding turn signal lenses is a quick way to add custom style with little effort. In this video we do the process on a Sportster but the process is the same for Harley-Davidson bullet style turn signals. J&P Cycles Shop the World's Largest Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Superstore! http://www.jpcycles.com
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Jason Glenn Music (5 months ago)
Hi, thx for that, but do you know if those bulbs just pop out? Mine went out and need to replace it
BBWulf (7 months ago)
They are not listed on J&P. I dig those mirror lenses. I did find them on ebay @ 4 for $31.99.
Harley Solftail (1 year ago)
I have a question, on my 03 road king, the light bar, has been changed to the bullet one, ok with 1156 bulbs,  I bought the Kuryakyn run, turn, brake, controller, and the Kuryakyn load equalizer,/ low heat #5498, ok the bulbs in the front are 1157, dual element,and I put the Kuryakyn  LED 1157 DUAL ELEMENT IN #4818,And they work fine, But the one's in the rear, are 1156 single element, do they make a 1156 dual element, that will fit in the rear bullet turn signals, man it's driving me nuts trying to figure it out,  bulbs work fine, Donnie, thanks
J&P Cycles (1 year ago)
The run turn unit should not have anything to do with the front lights. Here is a link to the 1156 LEDs. http://www.jpcycles.com/product/833-678
Harley Solftail (1 year ago)
ok, but the front LEDS are working, so wouldn't that mean that the unit is ok, I have the reg, 1156 bulbs, in the rear, and they work, just fine, can u please give me the part # for the Kuryakan 1156 leds, and don't Kuryakan make a a bright 1156 not led bulb, if, I could get that part # also, would give it a try, it just doesn't make any sense, why the front LEDS, are working,  but the rear, LEDS are not, But the reg, 1156 bulbs, do work,  Again, thank you for the HELP. Donnie
J&P Cycles (1 year ago)
disconnect the run/ turn/ brake unit and see if they work as the ywould stock. There could be a problem with that unit.
Harley Solftail (1 year ago)
ok, then can u please tell me why the leds don't work in the rear, 1156, but the front 1157's do, like I said, it's driving me nuts, can't figure it out,
J&P Cycles (1 year ago)
There are not dual filament 1156 bulbs.
NY IN THE 80s (2 years ago)
fuck that look nice how much for c90t model
Birol Ozturk (3 years ago)
I guess I'm one of those idiots who couldn't do it...thanks for the vid guys..I nearly broke the covers the other day...I don't have the patience and new to bikes.
Ozzy Turan (1 year ago)
kac model ve hangi model sizinki? yeni modellerde arka stop cover lari bu sekilde degil..o yuzden yapamamis olabilirsiniz..on sinyaller bu sekilde ama..
skguy31 (4 years ago)
do they come in black? part number?
davec3487 (5 years ago)
Did anyone ever get a part number? I could not find on the site. You would think they would want to make it convenient to order.
BBWulf (7 months ago)
They are not listed on J&P. I dig those mirror lenses. I did find them on ebay @ 4 for $31.99.
puZAEdr (5 years ago)
Those are cool. Whats the part number???
vintage1982 (5 years ago)
Seriously? Why can't you guys make a video for the whole light replacement? An idiot can figure out to pop the lens, I need the whole thing replaced!
Mauricio Madrigal (5 years ago)
those are the coolest lenses ever!! I am like: o_O
Richard Rogers (5 years ago)
how about removing the actual turn signal

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